The International Certification Board consists of board members from all over the world. We are expert researchers, educators, and consultants in the fields of procurement, risk management, and project management. Since 1992, PBSRG experts have researched, tested, and refined best value and leadership-based concepts which led to the creation of “The Best Value Approach” (BVA) business model by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi. It has proven to lower costs by up to 30%, minimize transactions up to 30%, and improve overall performance in projects throughout the world. We are the worldwide leaders in the development of optimizing the supply chain, utilizing performance measurements, identifying expertise and solving industry issues. Partnered with the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), we aim to improve the delivery, execution, and management of projects in industries worldwide. Please contact josephkashiwagi@ksm-inc.com for any questions or inquiries.

M. Algahtany

Faculty at Northern Border University.

Yasir Alhammadi

Faculty at Prince Sattam bin Adul Aziz University.

Saud Almutairi

Faculty at Qassim University

Windy Aphayrath

Assistant director for State of UT Purchasing.

Erik Brown

Area Manager at Green Planet 21.

Jacob Charries

Procurement officer at the State of OK OMES.

Allen Cook

IT Procurement Manager at State of Oklahoma.

Jeffrey Evenson

Superintendent at Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

Pascal Evertz

Owner of Buyers United.

Dhaval Gajjar

Assistant Professor at Clemson University.

Jake Gunnoe

Co-founder of Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA).

Steve Hagar

Procurement administrator for Oklahoma HFA.

Wayne Hampton

Regional V.P. of Sales at Insulated Roofing Contractors.

Teresa Harvey

Owner at Divina Management.

Kelly Ibara

Senior procurement manager at Kamehameha Schools.

Donna Hoskins

Procurement specialist at Kamehameha Schools.

Dean Kashiwagi

Director of PBSRG and Creator of BVA.

Isaac Kashiwagi

Project Manager for PBSRG.

Jacob Kashiwagi

Chairman of the Board for Leadership Society of Arizona.

Joe Kashiwagi

Project manager and coordinator for PBSRG.

Tom Leimer

Vice President/ General Manager of Knutson Construction.

Nguyen Le

Project Engineer for MWH Contractors.

David Krassa

Project Manager | QA/QC for United Integrated Services.

Jolanda Lempers

Owner of Best Value Verkoop, vendor training.

Neha Malhotra

Project Manager at CBRE @ Google.

Erik Mars

Owner of Mars Inkoopadvies, a consultant company.

Steven Mayle

President at Custom Seal.

Larry Pauling

Director of Facilities at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Alfredo Rivera

Project manager at Leadership Society of Arizona.

Sylvia Romero

Marketing & Program Manager.

Eduardo Rubio

Maintenance Planning Leader at the HEINEKEN Company.

Mark Ryles

Facility Consultant at OVEC.

Matt Thornley

Area Vice President at Staples.

Pawel Zejer

Director at INAB.

Emeritus Members of the International Board

Bill Badger

Emeritus Professor at Arizona State University.

David Cotts

Past IFMA President (1987), Author of the FM Handbook (1992) and BV Practitioner.

Denise DiGruccio

Retired Corporate Accounts Manager at Neogard.

Ray Jensen

Retired Associate Vice President at Arizona State University.

Gordon Matsuoka

Retired Director of the State of Hawaii Dept. of Accounting.

Steve Miwa

Retired Special Assistant at the State of Hawaii Dept. of Accounting.

Mike Perkins

Retired Purchasing Manager at the State of Minnesota

Jim Pederson

Retired Procurement Agent at the Church of Jesus Christ.

John Riley

Retired Chief Procurement Officer at Arizona State University

Charlie Serikawa

Retired Practitioner from the University of Hawaii.

Thomas Shultz

Retired Director of Facilities at Intermediate District 287, Minnesota.

Mike Valerio

Retired Chief Engineer of the US Army Corps of Engineers.


The Best Value Approach is applied and recognized in various industries and thousands of clients. Listed below are only a few of our clients who use the Best Value Approach identifying and utilizing expertise. Contact us today if you interested in learning more about our unique model to become more successful in business and life.

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