Best Value Approach Update – Netherlands October Trip

Best Value Approach Update – Netherlands October Trip

Dr. Dean and Jacob had a wonderful week in October visiting the Netherlands.  An “A” certification day was spent with 5 BVA experts to update them on the latest developments of the BVA and have them certified by reviewing their “A” paper. In April 2019 a new “A” certification day will be organized allowing BVA experts to be certified by the International Certification Board of PBSRG.

Presentations were given to three groups during the week in October.  A major movement is that the BVA is not a procurement tool, but an automated approach to procurement and project management and the delivery of projects.  The majority use of the BVA in the Netherlands is procurement focused.  Although it may lead to consulting opportunities, until the performance information is captured and the approach actually shows efficiency and effectiveness in the execution phase, it is simply a new way to procure.

During the week, meetings were held to push into the area of project management (PM).  A presentation was given at the SKEMA project management program in Lille, France, on the future PM model for the age of automation and information systems.  Dr. Dean and Dr. Jacob were able to discuss with the head of the project management program to start a research effort anchored by two dBA candidates who are transforming the Best Value Procurement (BVP) model into a Best Value Approach (BVA) delivery system.  The transformation will be a movement from an owner centric to a vendor centric model, from the importance of getting a job, to performing on the job and increasing profit while reducing cost.

The annual Best Value Conference at Tempe in Jan 14 – 18, 2019 was also discussed.  The conference will focus on:

  1. How to track cost and time deviation on both projects and service projects.
  2. How to use BVA in a complex supply chain with multiple vendors working on a project.
  3. How vendors utilize the WRR to ensure the mitigation of risk and transparency.
  4. How vendors are utilizing the BVA to educate owners. The first vendor to license the BVA approach to educate their clients will be discussing their approach.
  5. A BVA oriented vendor on a $70M construction project will present on why and how they utilize the BVA including the tremendous winning percentage and profit orientation.
  6. The IT vendor who did the State of Utah project is now spreading their BVA approach with successful and profitable results will be presenting.
  7. A BVA recycling service is using transparency to assist the stakeholders minimize their risk creating decision making.
  8. Explanation of why traditional BV approaches actually cost more and do not lead to efficiency and effective results.

The conference is an “eye opener” for all BVA experts.  It is a “can’t miss” for BVA visionaries who are mired into a procurement centric best value system.  It is an owner and supplier centric approach instead of a consultant centric approach.  Registration is ahead of schedule, and the mix of visionaries is unusual.  The conference will also be used to discuss and set the rules of the BVA International Board and certifications.  We look forward to seeing all the visionaries.

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