The founder of the Best Value Approach [BVA] Prof. Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, has worked tirelessly with BV experts to ensure that they provide the best possible education and expertise to owners and vendors utilizing the approach and processes. There is a large difference between these A+ Certified Experts and all other best value practitioners.  These experts also have full access to Dr. Dean to assist in resolving problems when doing projects.  Dr. Dean highly recommends the use of all A+ certified experts. Listed alphabetically below are the A+ certified individuals.


Contact us and we provide you recent performance metrics of the listed A+ certified experts (or any individual), to ensure their documentation satisfies the level of expertise required by you.

First NameInfixFamily NameOrganizationCertification Date
AlfredoRiveraLeadership Society of Arizona2021
CharlesZulanasLoveland Logistics 2021
DavidKrassaMWH Contractors2021
DelbertFeenstraKnutson Construction2021
ErikMarsMars Inkoopadvies2021
FrankSpaaijBest Value People 2021
HansvanZandvoortProvincie Noord-Brabant2021
IsaacKashiwagiKSM Inc.2021
JacobCharriesState of Oklahoma2021
JakeGunnoeLeadership Society of Arizona2021
JolandaLempersBest Value Verkoop2021
JosephKashiwagiKSM Inc.2021
NguyenLeMWH Contractors2021
OlgaWilhelmsenBest Value Experts Scandinavia2021
PascalEvertzBuyers United2021


First NameInfixFamily NameOrganization
Danielle WoutersDanielle Wouters Aanbestedingsadviseur
DonnaHoskinsKamehameha Schools
Marleenvan derZielOnlanders
SteveHagarOklahoma Housing Finance Agency

B+ certified individuals

Full NameCountryCertificationDateCertification Group
Jordan Barnes
United States
Carrie Anderson
United States
Matthew Johnson
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Stephanie Smith
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Andrea Ledger
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Dylan McDonah
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Joshua Carr
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Shane Butler
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Jeff Evenson
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Jeremy Barrick
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Kerk Johnson
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Brandon Town
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Ethan LochnerUnited StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Josh Hagen
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Karl Eichinger
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Samuel Kessler
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Erik Hays
United StatesB+10/15/2021PBSRG
Patrick HoeflakenNetherlandsB+9/9/2021Mars Inkoopadvies
Ben KosseNetherlandsB+9/9/2021Mars Inkoopadvies
Marcel DijkstraNetherlandsB+9/9/2021Mars Inkoopadvies
Robert DallingaNetherlandsB+9/9/2021Mars Inkoopadvies
Pieter-Jan KasteleinNetherlandsB+9/9/2021Mars Inkoopadvies
Stephanie LindnerUnited StatesB+7/9/2021PBSRG
Michael BondsUnited StatesB+7/9/2021PBSRG
Christine MinorUnited StatesB+7/9/2021PBSRG
Piotr AnteckiPolandB+5/26/2021
Borys Legosz PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Michal Gielzynski PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Pawel Borowski PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Danuta Misiorna PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Szymon Grabowski PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Gabriel Ligeska PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Tomasz Tengli PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Lukasz Wasiewicz PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Przemyslaw Panek PolandB+5/26/2021PBSRG
Deepa SheehanUnited StatesB+3/20/2021PBSRG
Alexis VigilUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Alicia DillonUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Barbara SoltUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Belinda A MorrowUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Ben GoudyUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Brenda McClartyUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Brock EricksonUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Bryn PotterUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Carolyn WilkesUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Christie RoachUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Christina JohnsonUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Cole NelsonUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Cole SniderUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Dan KrugerUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Dana ChouUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Dave FinlinsonUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Dick FloreyUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Dimitrios LoukasUnited Arab Emirates (the)B+1/30/2021PBSRG
Don BielinskiUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Donn RichardsonUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Greet DroogmansNetherlandsB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Hans van ZandvoortNetherlandsB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Jake KingUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Jeff CooperUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Jeffrey MichelsUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Jeremy BantleyUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Jessica HowlettUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Jessica PavelkaUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Jibriil YusufUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
John PristashUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Josh CooperUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Kanjana FosterUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Kyle HugoUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Kyle ShoopUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Kyle WalkerUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Leah BarbosaUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Mark CusterUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Mark DouglassUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Mark HirschiUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Michael JohnsonUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Michelle DavisUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Mitchell AbadUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Moez GharbiQatarB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Olga WilhelmsenNorwayB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Robbie SchultzUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Ron WarrenUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Ross DapperUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Steve KeeneUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Tim KuechleUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Tom LeimerUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Tyler LenznerUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Tyler MelleckerUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Tyler PasseyUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Valerie ScottUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Victor LeamerUnited StatesB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Victor RakowGermanyB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Wendy BlankertNetherlandsB+1/30/2021PBSRG
Andrew HenkemeyerUnited StatesB+12/30/2020PBSRG
Cory PetersonUnited StatesB+12/30/2020PBSRG
Paul NelsonUnited StatesB+12/30/2020PBSRG
Bas van HarselaarNetherlandsB+10/5/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Ben Hooge VenterinkNetherlandsB+10/5/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Emily van der LindenNetherlandsB+9/25/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Frank van der BurgNetherlandsB+9/25/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Leen BoltjesNetherlandsB+9/25/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Maaike BlaasNetherlandsB+9/25/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Pieter-Jan KasteleinNetherlandsB+9/25/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Sonja van der PoelNetherlandsB+9/25/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Carol Williams-DowningUnited StatesB+8/6/2020PBSRG
Darlene SaltzmanUnited StatesB+8/6/2020PBSRG
Marc BrownUnited StatesB+8/6/2020PBSRG
Sheri DiehmUnited StatesB+8/6/2020PBSRG
Stephanie BeshearsUnited StatesB+8/6/2020PBSRG
E. VanderheydenBelgiumB+6/1/2020Best Value United
Ari SoilammiNorwayB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Bill SiomosCanadaB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Derek HansenUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Ike McWatersUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Jack ColemanUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Jackson HarareUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
James ButlerUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Jared StafkeyUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Jeb StuartUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Jennifer McCaullaUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Jenny DohertyUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
John PristashUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Jon WhickerUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Jordan TeuscherUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Keane McWatersUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Kerry JohnsonUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Kris AndersonUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Mark RylesUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Marlene CooperUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Matthew ThornleyUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Nick JewellUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Nikki SmithUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Paweł ZejerPolandB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Ross MickelsonUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Shawn HollandUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Tanner SorensenUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Teresa HarveyUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Timothy JungersUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Tony HightUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
William BurtUnited StatesB+2/1/2020PBSRG
Arne SchwartzNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Bianca StuutNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Frank HoltmaatNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Henk VrielingNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Jean Pierre van der WeerdNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Julius WestendorpNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Paul HendriksNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Rene BergerNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Rob SaleminkNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Stijn TimmenNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Tanju AksuNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Yassir Omar NejjarNetherlandsB+11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Allard DolronNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Astrid BosmanNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Bart PluimersNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Lisette BerkienNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Ronno BroekhofNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Brandi SchroederUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Camber ThompsonUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Ed ArmstrongUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Liz MentgenUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Shane PhillipsUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Stephanie CellersUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Tanya freemanUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Albert BraamNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Chris (v) BerkersNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Filip CluytsBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Geert LambrechtsBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Gerben FrankenNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Jankees BooneNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Mattias van SchelBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Max SaelensBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Nicolas ReyntensBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Peter BijzetNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Kearstyn MurphyUnited StatesB+7/24/2019PBSRG
Adam AalgaardUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
ANN CERNEYUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Eric ManahanUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Heather BoettcherUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Jamie AtkinsUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Lauren DealUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Laurie McGinleyUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Marie OzanneUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Alaina BundyUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Craig WestUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Greg GrunigUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
James VoelkerUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Jason RauschUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Jeremy SchwartzUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Jim BensonUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Lisa TruaxUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Maureen KnightUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Melissa MattsonUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Nicholas TroutUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Chris WellingNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Frank SmitNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Jaap van VeenNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Jenno KootstraNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Joost EngelhartNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Mark MelisNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Nancy PoletNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Raoul WisseNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Wouter SchreuderNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Alex MarsNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Carin KelmendiNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Fer BeentjesNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Henk de VriesNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Steven LuttikhuisNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Theo HaverkampNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Tjeerd LeistraNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Tobias Van der HoevenNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies

B Certified Individuals

Full NameCountryCertificationDateCertification Group
Josh Thygesen
United States
Queenie Tran
United States
Brad Potter
United States
Jason Tentis
United States
Jeff Holz
United States
Phil Schrack
United States
Casey Swanson
United States
Brent Kath
United States
Rabiu Haruna 
United States
Peter van GinkelNetherlandsB9/9/2021Mars Inkoopadvies
Mr. Andrew RossNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Jan RuitenbergNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Jorrit ThieleNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Misiu SmitsNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Kees van DuijnNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mrs. Christine SiedenburgNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Edwin RogierNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Frank JutteNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Jeffrey van der TolNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Johan BlokzijlNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mr. Jac van HeiningenNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mrs. Karyn van der HaarNetherlandsB7/21/2021Best Value United
Mark SleutjensNetherlandsB6/3/2021Best Value United
Sabesan van VijfeijkenNetherlandsB6/3/2021Best Value United
Peter HendriksNetherlandsB6/3/2021Best Value United
Meinie StaatsNetherlandsB6/3/2021Best Value United
Amy Suter NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Annemieke Oostveen NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Bob Zonnenberg  NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Celine den Brave  NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Eline Kevenaar NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Lieke Hekers  NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Ronald de Waal NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Wouter Huisman NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Aljo SolleNetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
Mellissa van der Wei NetherlandsB3/22/2021Best Value United
David RodebaughUnited StatesB1/30/2021PBSRG
Jeff PalmUnited StatesB1/30/2021PBSRG
Joseph FaraniUnited StatesB1/30/2021PBSRG
Kingsley OkenyiUnited StatesB1/30/2021PBSRG
Odd TillerliNorwayB1/30/2021PBSRG
Chris LarsonUnited StatesB12/30/2020PBSRG
Mark WipfUnited StatesB12/30/2020PBSRG
Michael KirschUnited StatesB12/30/2020PBSRG
Ryan MilesUnited StatesB12/30/2020PBSRG
Shane SteinmetzUnited StatesB12/30/2020PBSRG
Frank OstermeierNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Joachim StöhrNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Joris DriesNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Joyce DrooghmansNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Katrien EggermontNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Luk Van RoyNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Marcel GriepNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Marleen DenooNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Paul KegelsNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Roel MichielsenNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Vanessa Van ZeebroeckNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Wim SchellekensNetherlandsB11/25/2020Best Value United
Mr F. CreemerNetherlandsB11/18/2020Best Value United
Mr R. BeusinkNetherlandsB11/18/2020Best Value United
Mr. F. van SchaikNetherlandsB11/18/2020Best Value United
Mr. J. VethNetherlandsB11/18/2020Best Value United
Mr. V. van der HeemNetherlandsB11/18/2020Best Value United
Mr. A. PotsNetherlandsB11/3/2020Best Value United
Mr. A. van VelzenNetherlandsB11/3/2020Best Value United
Mr. E. de HaesNetherlandsB11/3/2020Best Value United
Mr. J. BloemhofNetherlandsB11/3/2020Best Value United
Mrs. M. KramerNetherlandsB11/3/2020Best Value United
Mrs. M. MatadinNetherlandsB11/3/2020Best Value United
Mrs. R. AlberdaNetherlandsB11/3/2020Best Value United
Mr. E. GijsselNetherlandsB10/7/2020Best Value United
Mr. H. van RavenhorstNetherlandsB10/7/2020Best Value United
Mr. P. MeerwijkNetherlandsB10/7/2020Best Value United
Mr. R. BouwmanNetherlandsB10/7/2020Best Value United
Mr. T. RuttenbergNetherlandsB10/7/2020Best Value United
Mr. T. van de ZuidwindNetherlandsB10/7/2020Best Value United
Mr. T. van EijckNetherlandsB10/7/2020Best Value United
Mrs. L. BekhuisNetherlandsB10/7/2020Best Value United
Harrie BoertienNetherlandsB9/25/2020Mars Inkoopadvies
Hein Veldman  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Klara Abbes  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Marcel Eversdijk  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Marieke Lucassen  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Michel Jonker  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Rick Ruimveld  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Rita LanzingNetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Sydneij van den Berg  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Vincent Kok  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Wilma van der Hulst  NetherlandsB6/1/2020Best Value United
Jim HulmeUnited StatesB2/1/2020KSM Inc.
Lisa StockUnited StatesB2/1/2020PBSRG
Mark RoelofsmaNetherlandsB11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Pim JonkerNetherlandsB11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Erik NijhofNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Frank van DijkNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Freddy NieuwenhuizeNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Gerard EickmansNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Jeroen JansenNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Linda RebelNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Michel VonkNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Peter OudshoornNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Remco GulickxNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Heather BaileyUnited StatesB9/26/2019PBSRG
Cinnamon AlexanderUnited StatesB7/24/2019PBSRG
Kimberley CoulterUnited StatesB7/24/2019PBSRG
Maegan FilonowUnited StatesB7/24/2019PBSRG
Shanica BurdexUnited StatesB7/24/2019PBSRG
Gary HayUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Jim TaylorUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
kevin ElmUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Mike PerkinsUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Rowland PloenzkeUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Tom ShultzUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Brandon TownUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Dane JohnsonUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Dawn AndersonUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Jed KleinUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Kim WudinichUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Nick ScholerUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Reid ThiesseUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Steff HaatajaUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Liesbeth van HeterenNetherlandsB3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies

Licensing of the BVA and Recognized Partnered Groups

Intellectual Property and Licensed Material

The Best Value Approach inclusive of the Information Measurement Theory, Performance Information Procurement System, Weekly Risk Report and Director’s Report was created by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi and his research group Performance Based studies Research Group (PBSRG). Through an agreement with Skysong Innovations, a unit of the Arizona State University knowledge Enterprise, the BVA has become licensed technology.

Approved and Partnered Certification Groups

As the BVA technology spreads and licensees grow, Dr. Dean has observed that there are many differing approaches and hybrid approaches which are labeled “Best Value”. Based on this need, Dr. Dean and PBSRG have created their own certification program to ensure proper implementation education and use of the Best Value Approach (see certification program: at There are multiple different groups which run certification programs in the Best Value Approach. The only certification groups which are affiliated and partnered with Dr. Dean Kashiwagi and PBSRG include:


1. Mars Inkoopadvies (

2. Best Value United (

3. Knutson Construction (

4. Best Value Experts Scandinavia AS (


A list of certified individuals (inclusive of A+, A, B+ and B certifications) which are recognized in the certification program created by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi and PBSRG can be found at

Licensed Entities

There are multiple other active groups in Europe who are not affiliated or partnered with Dr. Dean and PBSRG but have since licensed the Best Value Approach technology to educate, train and utilize on projects. The license groups within Europe that are not affiliated or partnered with Dr. Dean include:


1. Heijmans Infrastructuur

2. Scenter

3. Nederlandse Vereniging voor Inkoopmanagement (NEVI)


5. Best Value Europe

6. Best Value Experts Academy

7. Deloitte Legal



*The licenses held by the above entities cannot be sub-licensed for any reason. Sub-licensing should be reported to ASU as grounds for immediate license termination.

Entities which are not licensed in the BVA technology through Skysong Innovations

Out of respect and fairness to those who have purchased the BVA licensed technology, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi and PBSRG would like to be clear on the entities which are not licensed through Skysong Innovations at Arizona State University. These entities include:


1. Best Value Group Netherlands

2. InkoopTarget

3. RIF Norway

4. Van Hes Project Management

International Best Value Approach Board Members

M. Algahtany

Faculty at Northern Border University.

Yasir Alhammadi

Faculty at Prince Sattam bin Adul Aziz University.

Saud Almutairi

Faculty at Qassim University

Windy Aphayrath

Assistant director for State of UT Purchasing.

Erik Brown

Area Manager at Green Planet 21.

Jacob Charries

Procurement officer at the State of OK OMES.

Allen Cook

IT Procurement Manager at State of Oklahoma.

Jeffrey Evenson

Superintendent at Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

Pascal Evertz

Owner of Buyers United.

Dhaval Gajjar

Assistant Professor at Clemson University.

Jake Gunnoe

Co-founder of Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA).

Steve Hagar

Procurement administrator for Oklahoma HFA.

Wayne Hampton

Regional V.P. of Sales at Insulated Roofing Contractors.

Teresa Harvey

Owner at Divina Management.

Kelly Ibara

Senior procurement manager at Kamehameha Schools.

Donna Hoskins

Procurement specialist at Kamehameha Schools.

Dean Kashiwagi

Director of PBSRG and Creator of BVA.

Isaac Kashiwagi

Project Manager for PBSRG.

Jacob Kashiwagi

Chairman of the Board for Leadership Society of Arizona.

Joe Kashiwagi

Project manager and coordinator for PBSRG.

Tom Leimer

Vice President/ General Manager of Knutson Construction.

Nguyen Le

Project Engineer for MWH Contractors.

David Krassa

Project Engineer for the MWH Contractors.

Jolanda Lempers

Owner of Best Value Verkoop, vendor training.

S. Lindner

Contracting Officer for FEMA.


Neha Malhotra

Project Manager at CBRE @ Google.

Erik Mars

Owner of Mars Inkoopadvies, a consultant company.

Steven Mayle

President at Custom Seal.

Larry Pauling

Director of Facilities at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Alfredo Rivera

Project manager at Leadership Society of Arizona.

Sylvia Romero

Marketing & Program Manager.

Eduardo Rubio

Maintenance Planning Leader at the HEINEKEN Company.

Mark Ryles

Facility Consultant at OVEC.

Matt Thornley

Area Vice President at Staples.

Pawel Zejer

Director at INAB.

Emeritus Members of the International Board

Bill Badger

Emeritus Professor at Arizona State University.

David Cotts

Past IFMA President (1987), Author of the FM Handbook (1992) and BV Practitioner.

Denise DiGruccio

Retired Corporate Accounts Manager at Neogard.

Ray Jensen

Retired Associate Vice President at Arizona State University.

Gordon Matsuoka

Retired Director of the State of Hawaii Dept. of Accounting.

Steve Miwa

Retired Special Assistant at the State of Hawaii Dept. of Accounting.

Jim Pederson

Retired Procurement Agent at the Church of Jesus Christ.

Mike Perkins

Retired Purchasing Manager at the State of Minnesota

John Riley

Retired Chief Procurement Officer at Arizona State University

Charlie Serikawa

Retired Practitioner from the University of Hawaii.

Thomas Shultz

Retired Director of Facilities at Intermediate District 287, Minnesota.

Mike Valerio

Retired Chief Engineer of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Trainings & Courses

Education is the core of PBSRG’s function and is the key to utilizing the business concepts and models that we provide. If you’re new to what we do. Our training sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. If you are interested in receiving in-person training for our Best Value Model, please contact us.

We also have an online course for professionals who are not able to come to our events or do an in-person training!

  • The A+ BVA is the highest comprehension level of certification a BV expert can achieve. The A+ certification signifies an individual is capable of educating other professionals in the Best Value process and concepts....

  • The A certification is the 2nd highest comprehension level of certification a BV expert can achieve....

  • The B certifications are the introductory level certifications a professional can achieve. It signifies a person has a basic understanding of the Best Value Approach...

List of 2021 Virtual Presentations



  • International Research in Construction and Building Innovation (CIB)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • National Institute of Government Procurement (NIGP)
  • Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM)
  • International Facility Management Association (IFMA)]
  • American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE)
  • Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM)
  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)


2021 Virtual Presentations:

  • Jan. 15-19: Annual CIB International BVA Training/Certification
  • Jan. 28: IFMA Delaware Chapter
  • Feb. 9: ISM Tennessee Nashville Chapter
  • Feb. 10: PMI Alaska Chapter
  • Feb. 18: IFMA Orange County California Chapter
  • Feb. 25: IFMA Chesapeake Maryland Chapter
  • Mar. 11: PMI Dayton Ohio Chapter
  • Mar. 16: PMI Central Mississippi Chapter
  • Mar. 18: ISM Alabama Chapter
  • Mar. 18: NIGP Utah Chapter
  • Mar. 22: CIB Early Career Researchers
  • Mar. 25: PMI Central Florida Chapter
  • Mar. 27 PMI Monterey Bay Chapter
  • Apr. 7: Brigham Young University Idaho Training
  • May 14: NIGP Saratosa Florida Chapter
  • May 17: Instytut Analiz Budowlanych Training/Certification (Poland)
  • May 19: PMI Oklahoma City Chapter
  • June 3: Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative
  • June 18: Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)
  • July 2: Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • July 14: BOMA Orlando Chapter
  • July 20: State of Oklahoma – Office of Management and Enterprise Services
  • Aug. 10: ASCM Brandwine Chapter
  • Aug. 11:PMI Illinois Chapter
  • Aug. 13: PMI Tulsa Chapter
  • Aug. 18: EDEN Conference – SKEMA Business School (France)
  • Aug. 26: ASHE Missouri Chapter
  • Aug. 27: ASHE Nebraska Chapter
  • Sep. 7: Mars Inkoopadvies (Belgium)
  • Sep. 9: IFMA Alberta Chapter (Canada)
  • Sep. 21: NIGP Arizona Chapter
  • Sep. 23: ISM Philadelphia Chapter
  • Oct. 11: City of Roseville
  • Oct. 14: NIGP Arizona Chapter – Winter Conference
  • Oct. 22: PMI Tulsa Chapter Conference
  • Oct. 26: IFMA World Work Place Conference
  • Nov. 3: State of Oklahoma – Department of Transportation

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in Project & Programme Management

Best Value Approach Research


Dr. Dean Kashiwagi is an adjunct professor for the DBA Program in Project and Program Management. He has created a research group of five DBA students conducting the latest research in project management using the Best Value Approach. This cutting-edge research is being done in a variety of different industries and companies in changing the way professionals manage projects. Dr. Kashiwagi is looking for visionary students, professionals, and academics who are interested in joining this research group.

Programme outline


Over the past sixty years project and programme management have become accepted ways of managing organisations. Projects and programmes are strategic processes which modify the conditions of the firm in its environment.


The primary goal of the Doctorate in Business Administration in Project & Programme Management is to provide solid foundations and competencies for participants’ future careers in project, programme and general management.


The programme relies on SKEMA’s strong commitment to international organisations, professional bodies and research in project, programme and portfolio management.


The programme is based on standards and bodies of knowledge that are widely recognised within the profession. It also includes state agencies’ and international organisations’ standards. The DBA in Project and Programme Management leads to careers in top management, consulting, research and academia.


This programme is part-time, meaning people can study it while continuing to work.


The programme is taught in English by international faculty at the Lille campus.



Aims and objectives


The aim of the programme is to facilitate the dynamic development of participants’ managerial and entrepreneurial competencies, allowing them to enhance their expertise, and to work as managers and leaders in organisations in an international and multicultural environment.


The DBA programme is designed to:


  • Build on students’ experience and academic achievements as part of a considered career plan
  • Give students maximum professional credibility
  • Open doors into academic life, consultancy or senior executive positions
  • Help students maximize their effectiveness as a trainer or educator
  • Enhance students’ consultancy, project, programme & strategic management and research skills
  • Increase students’ understanding of research methodology and techniques


The DBA in Project and Programme Management is characterised by research directed at specific industry issues and concerns.

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2016 Saint Louis School Academic Innovation Award

Saint Louis School (SLS) awards the 2016 Education Innovation Award to Professor Dean Kashiwagi (Class of 70′), the Performance Based Studies Research Group, KSM, and the Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA) for their donation of the “Leadership and Deductive Logic” course to SLS and continual support of the NCAA approved course. PBSRG has donated over $65,000 of intellectual property license rights, support services, electronic textbooks, course materials, and in-person teaching for the “Leadership and Deductive Logic” Class [2015-2016].

2012 IFMA Fellowship – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

Established to recognize members dedicated to IFMA and the facility management profession, the IFMA Fellowship Program creates an elite core of respected leaders who act as advisers to and ambassadors of the association. Being named an IFMA Fellow is the highest honor the association can bestow on a member. In 2012, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi became one of only 90 professionals that have received the distinction thus far. Kashiwagi was recognized for his “inspiring, engaging and tireless” FM education and research, which has spanned over two decades.

2012 Dutch Sourcing Awards – Best Overall Procurement Effort & Operational Excellence – Rijkswaterstaat

The Dutch Sourcing Awards are presented annually to the purchasing teams that have demonstrated the most impressive purchasing performance in the Netherlands over the past year. In 2012, Rijkswaterstaat won the award for Best Overall Procurement Effort as well as the Operational Excellence category. Under great political and social pressure, the organization has implemented Best Value Procurement on a billion dollar road network project. This sparked the growth of Best Value Procurement in the Netherlands.

2011 IFMA MSP Chapter Facility Practitioner of the Year

In January 2012, The Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter of IFMA presented its 2011 Facility Practitioner of the Year award to Tom Shultz, Director of Facilities for Intermediate District 287, for his use of the Best Value Model. Using Best Value, he was able to transform the way his organization selected and managed the construction of their new facility in New Hope. Rather than using the traditional price‐based procurement processes, his team used best‐value processes to select the highest performing contractors who had an affinity to identify and minimize risk.

2011 George Cronin Silver Award for Procurement Excellence – State of Idaho

The 2011 George Cronin Silver Award was presented to the State of Idaho for its Best Value Model. Idaho teamed with the Performance Based Research Studies Group in an effort to improve the success rate and decrease the risks associated with service contracts. Since implementation, the state has applied these Best Value practices to a variety of programs internally, has promoted their plan to at least two other states and has assisted Arizona State in transforming what started as a construction-focused process to a mainstream public procurement sector solution.

2008 CIB Research Innovation of the Year – University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota (Capital Planning and Project Management Group) was awarded the 2008 Research Innovation of the Year Award by the CIB for their use of Best Value Model in the delivery and management of construction and design services. Visit this link for detailed information about this award.

2008 Fulbright Scholarship Award – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

The Fulbright Program is one of the most prestigious awards programs in the world. The program operates in 144 countries and awards only 7,000 grants annually. In 2008, Dr. Dean T. Kashiwagi was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture and conduct research at University of Botswana (Africa).

2007 COAA Gold Award – City of Peoria

The Construction Owners Association of America has an annual Project Leadership Award that recognizes excellence in project management & promotes leadership, professionalism & excellence of owners & developers involved in the construction process. In 2007, the City of Peoria received the COAA’s highest award (Gold Award) for the success of the Rio Vista Recreational Center. This project was procured using the Best Value Model.

2005 H. Bruce Russell Global Innovators Award – Harvard University

The CoreNet H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator’s Awards program showcases solutions, best practices & innovations in corporate real estate and workplace management. In 2005, Harvard University received CoreNet’s highest award for innovation for transforming their organization using the Best Value Model.

2001 Pono Technology Award – State of Hawaii

The Pono Technology Award is presented to organizations in Hawaii that have excelled at successfully implementing information technologies for the betterment of the enterprise. In 2001, the State of Hawaii was recognized for its innovation in improving productivity and performance using the Best Value Model.


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