The Best Value Approach (BVA) Updates

The Best Value Approach (BVA) Updates

We are very excited for the fall and 2019 BVA certification/education in Tempe AZ [Jan 15-19, 2019].  As always, the conference will bring a new book focused on the latest improvements. 

Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) has been moved from ASU to KSM and the CIB [International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction] W117 Working Commission on Performance Information in the Construction Industry.  PBSRG will continue to maintain the International Best Value Certification Program which is approved by the creator of the BVA Dr. Dean Kashiwagi.   

PBSRG now goes back to the status of full support of licensed partners who want to work in a transparent relationship with the interest of the BVA effort. Skysong (AZ Tech), the licensing arm of ASU, is still licensing the BVA technology with one change.  They can only license what was developed at ASU.  Because Dr. Dean retired from ASU, anything developed after his retirement will not legally be supported by AZ Tech.  However, in discussion with Dr. Dean, a secondary agreement has been made between Skysong and KSM, to support licensed partners with all the latest developments by Dr. Dean. It now is transparent, that it was not ASU, but Dr. Dean’s personal and visionary efforts that sustained the BVA effort.  PBSRG is now supported by four PhDs and three MSEs.       

SKEMA Business School Project Management Program [MSc and dBA]

Dr. Dean has been presenting and working with the SKEMA business school for the past six years participating in the Eden Conference [annual dBA student conference in August].  The conference was used for coordinating and discussing BVA updates, testing a draft A+ exam and discussion of the conference agenda and presentations.

The new Director Paul Gardiner gave Dr. Dean a 2-hour slot to present the “PM of the Future” model.  He sat through and listened along with industry members who were dBA candidates or graduates from all over the world.  He was impressed with the accuracy of the IMT and DBA models and test results, claims and simplified explanations of the PM industry in the delivering of services.  He immediately arranged to have a full day seminar for the MSc students on October 15, 2018.  What impressed him was the future application of PM in the age of information systems and automation.  Dr. Dean’s vision is to have SKEMA as a future site for BVA education, research, and certification for SKEMA students who come from all over the world.

BVA Education and Implementation in the USA

BVA in the USA has been on the upswing.  The State of Utah finished their IT project in stunning fashion.  The largest construction project [$70M] that we have tracked finished in Rochester Minnesota with outstanding results.  The most significant implementation of the BVA has been going on at a worldwide organization for the past six months.  Four BVA deliveries have been made.  There have been more purchasing personnel involved in the BVA, in the fastest speed of implementation that Dr. Dean has experienced in his 26-year history of BVA research.  Many BVA issues that have been brought up in the past have been overcome in the procurement.  The lessons learned will be covered in the BVA conference in Tempe.


Dr. Dean Visit with Dr. Jacob in the Netherlands and France [October 9 – 15, 2018]

Dr. Dean is making a fall trip into the Netherlands to make BVA presentations, to do a A/A+ certification training, and to travel to Lille France with an invited group of BVA experts to give a full day presentation at the SKEMA Business School for the Project Management MSc program.  The Pre-conference training is focused on A and A+ certification/testing by the International BVA Board.  The training is an individually focused education/training for a group of six attendees.  The objective is to prep applicants for both the A certification and the A+ exam at the Tempe conference.  Dr. Dean has been working with two different groups of BVA experts to ensure the Tempe conference is more enjoyable and minimal stress. We will be speaking at a great vendor event organized in Amsterdam. During the event we will share valuable lessons about how to create winning teams and win BVA tenders. Interested? REGISTER HERE NOW or contact for more information, Jolanda Lempers at

CIB W117 Journal of Advancement of Performance Information and Value

The Journal was published in June, and the next journal will be published in November.  We already have three papers ready for review.  Dr. Dean encourages all BVA enthusiasts to publish their papers in the journal.  All papers published in the journal are immediately transferred to Research Gate, an open platform for sharing publications.  Dr. Dean’s tracking of reads on his papers on Research Gate have doubled from 5,000 [over the past 10 years] to 10,000 over the last year alone.  Dr. Dean highly encourages all BVA enthusiasts to publish papers on their BVA experiences.  In the age of information systems and the internet, the proliferation of the BVA requires simple documentation and speed to the marketplace.  The CIB W117 working commission is the most successful in the CIB [10 years, $7.6M research funding, 59 licenses [most licensed university developed technology in purchasing] 350 publications, 2,000 research tests delivering $7B of services in 10 countries].      

See website>>

International BVA Board

PBSRG will have an international Board of BVA Experts in 2019.  The board will be practitioners from different countries [client representatives, consultants and high-performance vendors].  The international board will also guide PBSRG, CIB W117 and be instructors for SKEMA PM presentations.  The board will be responsible certifications, review journal papers and documenting the latest in BVA advancements.



Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA)

LSA is closing in one its most successful year ever.  LSA doubled the number of students, it has its first cadre of full time students being mentored by the instructors and increased their students reached by 300%.  LSA continues to take Title One [economically disadvantaged] and Title Six [Native American] students and increase their capability to pass standardized tests.  The strength of the LSA program is the consistency of utilizing the IMT concepts to help students and their parents.  The LSA will be presenting at the Tempe BVA conference with some of the most outstanding student case studies. 

See our website for more information about our LSA program>>

2019 BVA Education/Training Conference in Tempe AZ (LSA)

The 2019 BVA conference will be a number of firsts:

  1. A project WRR from beginning to end.
  2. Two best value vendors will review their projects and BVA approaches.
  3. The first WRR for services and the impact on the client.
  4. Questions and answers with the vendors that did the WRR on effectiveness and efficiency [profit].  
  5. Step by step instruction for vendors to ensure success in the BV environment.
  6. How organizations can change their structure to use the BVA.
  7. Totally new Kashiwagi story and IMT Lifestyle Coaching.
  8. New manual that will replace the original IMT manual [blue manual].

The registration is now open for the BVA annual conference.  Early bird registration ends on Oct 21, 2019.  Those who attend the Oct 9th education in Amsterdam will have a reduction of their Tempe registration.  All conference attendees will be required to register at the conference hotel.  The conference hotel is the most economical and performing host for the BVA conference. Visit our conference website here or register now>>