Upcoming Events

Atlanta Workplace 2020

02/28/2020 - College Park, GA

Dr. Dean will be presenting as a lunch keynote on the Professional of the Future at the conference.

NFMT Conference – Survival of the FM

03/17/2020 - Baltimore, MD

Dr. Dean has been presenting for over ten years at the NFMT Conference. He will holding a session on the Survival of the FM for everyone to join!

ISM Utah Chapter – Lunch Meeting

04/09/2020 - ,

ISM Utah invited Dr. Dean to present at a lunch meeting about the latest research in procurement that he has been conducting in the State of Utah!

The Best Value Approach Training in Poland

04/20/2020 - Warszawa, Poland

Hosted by four companies in Poland, Dr. Kashiwagi will be giving a Best Value Approach Certification Training in Warsaw!

The Executive Approach to Business in Poland

04/20/2020 - Warszawa, Poland

Dr. Dean Kashiwagi has been invited by four companies in Poland to educate executives on how the best value approach can revolutionize business management.

Mars Inkoopadvies – Best Value Congres

04/21/2020 - 7361 DA Beekbergen , Netherlands

Mars Inkoopadvies works closely with Dr. Dean Kashiwagi and organizes a Best Value Congress with the Dr. Dean and Dr. Isaac Kashiwagi as presenters.

ISM Atlanta Chapter – Dinner Presentation

05/14/2020 - Dunwoody, GA

Dr. Dean will be presenting at a dinner meeting for the ISM Atlanta Chapter on Supply Chain Management.

PMI North Carolina Chapter – Dinner Meeting

05/21/2020 - Research Triangle Park, NC

Dr. Dean will be presenting on the latest PM Research – Moving Beyond Agile PM!

EDEN Conference – SKEMA Business School

08/17/2020 - 08/21/2020 - Lille,

Dr. Dean is a adjunct professor for SKEMA Business School and he will be presenting at the conference with the latest in PM Research

IFMA Oregon and SW Washington Chapter

09/16/2020 - ,

Dr. Dean will be presenting at a lunch session for the chapter that has invited him to present again!

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