2019 Best Value Conference Registration Opens

2019 Best Value Conference Registration Opens

The Best Value Conference will be held from Jan 14-18th, 2019. Professionals from all over the world converge to experience a unique education from the best in the industry. The conference is the international headquarters for experts looking to cut costs, improve quality, utilize expertise and lead innovation.

The following topics will be covered at the conference:

    1. The Automation of the Supply Chain: The Best Value Approach reduces project costs by 10-30%.
    2. Increasing Vendor Profit: How vendors can ensure profit and gain their competitive advantage.
    3. Improve Productivity by 10x: Recent case studies confirm that BVA Experts can do the work of 10 traditional purchasing agents.
    4. Utilizing Expertise: How to lower project costs by utilizing information and not by lower price.
    5. Performance Tracking System: the BVA is a tracking system that can be implemented on any number of projects to simply show results.
    6. Simplification of Information: Learn how to simply and reduce the flow of information to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Unbelievable results in the area of education will be shown!

All concepts will be supported by 2018 case study results. Individuals seeking their A certification will pre-plan and coordinate their papers with Dr. Dean’s team. Papers will be published in the 2019 conference, and BVA experts can receive their A and A+ certification at the conference.

The 2019 BVA conference will also be a number of firsts:

  1. A project WRR from beginning to end.
  2. Two best value vendors will review their projects and BVA approaches.
  3. The first WRR for services and the impact on the client.
  4. Questions and answers with the vendors that did the WRR on effectiveness and efficiency [profit].
  5. Step by step instruction for vendors to ensure success in the BV environment.
  6. How organizations can change their structure to use the BVA.
  7. Totally new Kashiwagi story and IMT Lifestyle Coaching.
  8. New manual that will replace the original IMT manual [blue manual].

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