Best Value Approach (BVA) Research Update

Best Value Approach (BVA) Research Update

The BVA research has been very active in the first quarter of 2018.  Using the CIB W117 Journal of “The Advancement of Performance Information and Value” and posting it to the “Research Gate” open platform, the effort to get the research information “to the street” in the shortest time possible has been highly successful.  Nine months ago [July 1, 2017] BVA research had 5000 reads.  Currently [April 12, 2018] BVA has 8000 reads [increase of 60%].  Citations have increased from 250 to 310 [25%] in nine months.

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The BVA research has two major prongs: the optimization of the delivery of services and the BVA approach to assisting high school students increase in confidence, minimize their stress, and increase their performance in core skills such as mathematics.  In the last nine months tests have been run to deliver IT services and facility services with stunning results: faster, lower cost, stunning performances.  Two new projects have Dr. Dean and the PBSRG crew, busier than they have ever been.  The Contractor Classification System and the Consultant Classification System projects in Saudi Arabia have finally been approved and kicked off.  Another worldwide owner has begun testing the BVA with amazing results.  Dr. Dean and team has given 19 presentations in the first quarter.

The movement of the research is toward an environment of automation.  The BVA is attempting to not only identify and utilize expertise, but to simplify the approach to mitigate risk, preplan, and minimize the need for management to manage, direct and control to minimize risk.  The key is to simplify to minimize decision making.  The foundation of the approach is the Information Measurement Theory (IMT).  Experts in IMT will be BVA experts.  The approach of simplification is also being used by the Leadership Society of Arizona, a non-profit entity, licensed in the BVA.  their efforts this year have doubled the results from last year.  Dr. Jacob, Dr. Jake, Joseph and Isaac with support from Dr. Alfredo and David Krassa have exceeded all expectations.

Dr. Dean will be spending the next week and a half in the Netherlands, giving six presentations.  They will be bringing results of recent tests.  For more information of where the BVA team will be, go to website  The team is already planning the 2019 BVA conference in Tempe, Arizona, Jan 14-18, 2019.  The BVA team is attempting to grow a group of visionaries who want to continue to increase in understanding, observation and capability to become great in the age of automation and information systems.