Education is the core of PBSRG’s function and is the key to utilizing the business concepts and models that we provide. If you’re new to what we do. Our training sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. If you are interested in receiving in-person training for our Best Value Model, please contact us.

  • The A certification is the 2nd highest comprehension level of certification a BV expert can achieve. It signifies a individual has shown competency in the application of the Best Value process and concepts in one or more...

  • The A+ BVA is the highest comprehension level of certification a BV expert can achieve. The A+ certification signifies an individual is capable of educating other professionals in the Best Value process and concepts. The...

  • The B certifications are the introductory level certifications a professional can achieve. It signifies a person has a basic understanding of the Best Value Approach but does not signify they are capable to correctly app...

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Moham Algahtany

Faculty member at Northern Border University in the College of Engineering for construction.

Yasir Alhammadi

Faculty member in the College of Engineering at Prince Sattam bin Adul Aziz University.

Windy Aphayrath

Assistant director for the State of Utah’s Purchasing Department. Leading a BVA purchasing team.

Erik Brown

Managing, consulting and sourcing at Green Planet 21 using BVA in recycling services.

Karen Ciocchi

Proposal Manager at Alaska Communications. Educates clients on BVA with her team.


Pascal Evertz

Owner of Buyers United, a network of procurement specialists and licensee of the BVA in Europe.

Jake Gunnoe

Co-founder of Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA) a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Steve Hagar

Procurement & facilities administrator for Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency with experience in BVA.

Wayne Hampton

Regional V.P. of Sales at Insulated Roofing Contractors. Alpha Certified Contractor.

Donna Hoskins

Procurement specialist at Kamehameha Schools. Working with a BVA purchasing team in Hawaii.

Kelly Ibara

Senior procurement manager at Kamehameha Schools. Leading a BVA purchasing team in Hawaii.

Dean Kashiwagi

Dean T. Kashiwagi, PhD, PE, Fulbright Scholar is the Director of Kashiwagi Solution Model Inc.

Isaac Kashiwagi

Isaac has taken upon the mission to spread the Best Value Approach all over the world.

Jacob Kashiwagi

Chairman of the Board for Leadership Society of Arizona. Jacob is invested in helping you grow.

Joseph Kashiwagi

Project manager and coordinator for Performance Based Studies Research Group.

David Krassa

Journal coordinator for the CIB Working Commission W117: Performance Measurement.

Nguyen Le

Project Manager for Performance Based Studies Research Group and ASU Researcher.

Jolanda Lempers

Helping vendors succeed in BVA & create winning teams at

Stephanie Lindner

Contracting Officer for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


Erik Mars

Owner of Mars Inkoopadvies, a consultant company. Erik is a Best Value Expert in Europe.

Alfredo Rivera

Project manager and coordinator for Performance Based Studies Research Group.

Nikishka Stewart

Senior Opportunity Manager at Alaska Communications. Leading a BVA educational program.

Matt Thornley

Area Vice President at Staples working on BVA projects in the Western USA Area.

Emeritus Members of the International Board

David Cotts

Past IFMA President (1987), Author of the FM Handbook (1992) and BV Practitioner.

Bill Badger

Emeritus Professor at Arizona State University with a 26-year career with the U.S. Army COE.

Gordon Matsuoka

Retired Director of the State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS).

Charlie Serikawa

Retired Best Value Practitioner from the University of Hawaii Facilities.

Steve Miwa

Retired Special Assistant at the State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS).


The founder of the Best Value Approach [BVA] Prof. Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, has worked tirelessly with BV experts to ensure that they provide the best possible education and expertise to owners and vendors utilizing the approach and processes. There is a large difference between these A+ Certified Experts and all other best value practitioners.  These experts also have full access to Dr. Dean to assist in resolving problems when doing projects.  Dr. Dean highly recommends the use of all A+ certified experts. Listed alphabetically below are the A+ certified individuals for 2018.

Contact us and we provide you recent performance metrics of the listed A+ certified experts (or any individual), to ensure their documentation satisfies the level of expertise required by you.

First NameInfixFamily NameOrganizationCertification Date
DaveFinlinsonChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints2019
DonnaHoskinsKamehameha Schools2019
ErikMarsMars Inkoopadvies2019
FrankSpaaijMindful Management2019
GrietsjeVan derHeideAntea Group2019
JolandaLempersBest Value Verkoop2019
KeesRietmanAlrijne Zorggroep2019
KellyIbaraKamehameha Schools2019
MarkTabaKamehameha Schools2019
PascalEvertzBuyers United2019
SteveHagarOklahoma Housing Finance Agency2019
WindyAphayrathState of Utah2019
JulieHollingsheadChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints2019


First NameInfixFamily NameOrganization
AnnekeVanAbeelenBest Value Trainer
ArnoHiemckeQuint Wellington Redwood
BrigitteBroekertWaterschap Vechtstromen
ChristianSchaapDe Haan & Martojo
CoosKosterCoos Koster Consultancy
DanielaVerheulDaniela Verheul Consultancy
DanielleWoutersIndependent Consultant
DewivanDeurssenZilveren Kruis Achmea
EdwinZeemanRPR Projectmanagement
ElskeBosmaRoyal HaskoningDHV
GardVanHulzenKragten BV
GertjanTerHeurneBest Value Consulting
HenryHuisjesHanzehogeschool Groningen
JacobCharriesDistrict Attorneys Council
JanHuttenVan Hes Projectmanagement
JasperFlapperAntea Group
JelleWenselaarhet NIC
JeroenVan deRijtBest Value Group
JobLooijengaWaterschap Groot Salland
JohannesHiemstraBest Value Group
JohnJonkhoutHet NIC
JoopvanDurenZuyd Hogeschool
KlaasdeHaanAntea Group
MarcGilissenIHC Merwede
Marcovan derHeijden
MarcusVan derVenRoyal HaskoningDHV
MarleenKempaCore Consulting
MarlousVogelsInVia Advies
NatasjaLogemannMunicipality of De Marne
OlafvanBinsbergenOVB advies
OscarKerkhovenRoyal HaskoningDHV
PeterMustertLelystad Airport
PeterDohmenZilveren Kruis Achmea
SiccoSantemaScenter / TUDelft
StevenSimonisSPS Advies
SusanVanHesVan Hes Projectmanagement
VictorVan derWalMetrics Management
WenckeHeijblokBest Value group
WiebeWitteveenBest Value group
WillemHermsenHanzehogeschool Groningen
Willemvan denBrinkCity of Amsterdam
YiAnYungHanzehogeschool Groningen

B+ certified individuals

Full NameCountryCertificationDateCertification Group
Stijn TimmenNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Jean Pierre van der WeerdNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Frank HoltmaatNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Tanju AksuNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Paul HendriksNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Rene BergerNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Arne SchwartzNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Julius WestendorpNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Henk VrielingNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Yassir Omar NejjarNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Rob SaleminkNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Bianca StuutNetherlandsB+11/15/19Mars Inkoopadvies
Lisette BerkienNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Astrid BosmanNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Ronno BroekhofNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Allard DolronNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Bart PluimersNetherlandsB+11/10/2019Best Value United
Ed ArmstrongUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Brandi SchroederUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Liz MentgenUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Shane PhillipsUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Stephanie CellersUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Tanya freemanUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Camber ThompsonUnited StatesB+9/26/2019PBSRG
Peter BijzetNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Geert LambrechtsBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Max SaelensBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Filip CluytsBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Nicolas ReyntensBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Jankees BooneNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Albert BraamNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Mattias van SchelBelgiumB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Gerben FrankenNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Chris (v) BerkersNetherlandsB+9/11/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Kearstyn MurphyUnited StatesB+7/24/2019PBSRG
Adam AalgaardUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
ANN CERNEYUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Christie RoachUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Eric ManahanUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Heather BoettcherUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Jamie AtkinsUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Lauren DealUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Laurie McGinleyUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Marie OzanneUnited StatesB+5/31/2019PBSRG
Alaina BundyUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Craig WestUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Greg GrunigUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
James VoelkerUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Jason RauschUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Jeremy SchwartzUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Jim BensonUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Lisa TruaxUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Maureen KnightUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Melissa MattsonUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Nicholas TroutUnited StatesB+5/30/2019PBSRG
Frank SmitNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Chris WellingNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Joost EngelhartNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Jenno KootstraNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Nancy PoletNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Jaap van VeenNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Wouter SchreuderNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Raoul WisseNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Mark MelisNetherlandsB+4/16/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Alex MarsNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Carin KelmendiNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Fer BeentjesNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Henk de VriesNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Steven LuttikhuisNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Theo HaverkampNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Tjeerd LeistraNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Tobias Van der HoevenNetherlandsB+3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Becki SkidmoreUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Blake Theo PorterUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Brian StrongUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Brock EricksonUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Cassidee FeinauerUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Chike OgbuehiUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Clay ChuggUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Cole NelsonUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Courtney PerleeUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Crystal CreekmoreUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Dan KrugerUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Dan StenzelUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Darin LeeUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Darren NielsonUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Dave FinlinsonUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Debbie PeckUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Dick FloreyUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Dillon TheuschUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Edwin BothNetherlandsB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Eric CameronUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Erik BrownUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Farid RiveraUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Greg AdamsUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Greg HebertUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Jack CagleUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Jack ColemanUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Jackie MilnesUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Jan Van ScheltNetherlandsB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Jay SalisburyUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Johannes Van ZandvoortNetherlandsB+1/14/2019PBSRG
John PristashUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Julie HollingsheadUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Kai ZhouUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Karen CiocchiUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Keane McWatersUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Kraig BrinkerhoffUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Laurel DeLagerheimUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Laurel ShoopUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Lisa Hewitt-JamesUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Mahiliaire JohnUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Mark DouglassUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Mark RylesUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Mary DarlingUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Matt ThornleyUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Maud Van VlietNetherlandsB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Melinda BirkUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Michael GlennUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Nathan CallUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Nicholas HughesUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Noelle HudakUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Patrick RikkenNetherlandsB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Pawe? ZejerPolandB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Rick StrawUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Robbert DijkshoornNetherlandsB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Robert FriddleUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Robert MarriottUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Ross DapperUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Solomon KingstonUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Spencer HallUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Stephanie CastroUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Timothy JungersUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Victor LeamerUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
William BurtUnited StatesB+1/14/2019PBSRG
Heleen PierNetherlandsB+11/8/2018Best Value United
Alex van der VeenNetherlandsB+11/5/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Diane de KoningNetherlandsB+11/5/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Frits van HellNetherlandsB+11/5/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Jack NasNetherlandsB+11/5/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Jacolien Wentink-WerlerNetherlandsB+11/5/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Chris RobinsonMinnesota, United StatesB+10/31/2018PBSRG
Anna Helena EidsvigNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Elin J. AngelskårNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Eva TømmervågNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Hege HaugsnesNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Marion EmilsenNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Merethe BjørnstadNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Paola VadaccaNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Stein Håvard BjøruNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Tedd ÅrnesNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Torbjørn BergerNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Wenche LunderNorwayB+9/25/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Corné van den DriesNetherlandsB+9/23/2018Best Value United
Jeroen de WitNetherlandsB+9/23/2018Best Value United
Mark MierasNetherlandsB+9/23/2018Best Value United
Patrick BakelaarNetherlandsB+9/23/2018Best Value United
Richard den HaanNetherlandsB+9/23/2018Best Value United
Theo van de GraaffNetherlandsB+9/23/2018Best Value United
Angelo LipaniItalyB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Asbjørn KarlsrudNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Dag Thomas Nybø-SørensenNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Gaetano GermaniItalyB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Gianluca IozzaItalyB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Hennica WestheimerNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Inger EriksenNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Joachim VikenNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Karin DalbergNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Øystein SkandferNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Øyvind BakkebøNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Tor Ragnar Møller-HansenNorwayB+9/14/2018Best Value Europe
Andre van RoonNetherlandsB+9/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Chantal SchrijverNetherlandsB+9/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Hans StokkermansNetherlandsB+9/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Jeroen BlombergNetherlandsB+9/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Marcel WalkerNetherlandsB+9/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Nancy DegenNetherlandsB+9/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Violette KrouwelNetherlandsB+9/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Alexander MosbakkNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Anders ReitanNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Anne Berit Flo HalleNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Geir LesethNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Havard Riksheim HouenNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Jill Hammari SveenNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Johan HedlundNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Knut SolbergNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Kristin Hulsund BjergeNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Lars AbrahamsenNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Morten GrunnhovNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Nina SkarNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Ole Morten MagnussenNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Ragnhild OlstadNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Ruzica KvernlandNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Tommy Endre JensenNorwayB+8/15/2018Best Value Europe
Anna SpyresUnited StatesB+7/25/2018PBSRG
Brandilyn BrownUnited StatesB+7/25/2018PBSRG
Cini ZachariaUnited StatesB+7/25/2018PBSRG
Dustin MooreUnited StatesB+7/25/2018PBSRG
Jennifer McCaullaUnited StatesB+7/25/2018PBSRG
Kearstyn MurphyUnited StatesB+7/25/2018PBSRG
Kenna FordUnited StatesB+7/25/2018PBSRG
Marty McDougall-CasteelUnited StatesB+7/25/2018PBSRG
Elena MiravallesNorwayB+7/5/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Britt SchoenmakersBelgiumB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Christiaan ter BogtThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Dirk GijbersThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Jeroen DinghsThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Jeroen HeijmansThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Jos GeurtsThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Leon SteeghsThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Lien TettelinBelgiumB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Martijn KerstenThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Noortje VerstegenThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Peter SmuldersThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Thijs PepelsThe NetherlandsB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
William VandoninckBelgiumB+6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Delbert FeenstraUnited StatesB+5/4/2018PBSRG
Glen CarpenterUnited StatesB+5/4/2018PBSRG
Matthew JohnsonUnited StatesB+5/4/2018PBSRG
Susan JonesUnited StatesB+5/4/2018PBSRG
Ashild Eikenes SjoliNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Asle StalandNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Ieva EcclesNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Jeanette NyseterNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Jorn ForbordNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Karl Martin NordbyNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Morton LossiusNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Oystein IslannNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Richard GrovenNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Roy JacobsenNorwayB+4/15/2018Best Value Europe
Adelaida Perez GarziaNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Allessandro SantiNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Ask Reistad HaukaasNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Benedicte BorgersenNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Bjorn HomlongNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Carlos SierraNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Edoardo MurgiaNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Eduardo FernandezNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Elin Merete HarbakNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Fernando MesaNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Frode AustgulenNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Geir AaseNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Håkon DragsundNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Jose MartinezNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Kristjann KristjanssonNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Livia PrestrosNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Luigi CorrivoNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Marianne PedersenNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Maximiliano Rodrigues InesNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Nina K WalbeckNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Olav SolheimNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Sigmund JensenNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Silje JølsgårdNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Thomas InnsethNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Ulf MyhraNorwayB+4/11/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Albert MulderNetherlandsB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Andrea Buká?kováCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Daniel Jadrní?ekCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Iva KocourkováCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Jakub Vá?aCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Libuše PodolováCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Markéta KozákováCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Martin Hadaš, LL.M.CzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Martin VyklickýCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Michal ?oupekCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Pavel BroumCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Petr MarvanCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
TomᚠHebkýCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
V?ra Ly?kováCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Zden?k DufekCzechB+3/16/2018Best Value Europe
Gea StrootmanNetherlandsB+3/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Hilde GelsNetherlandsB+3/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Ineke van DrielNetherlandsB+3/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Mark PlateNetherlandsB+3/12/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Åshild FløisandNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Glenn ØdegårdenNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Jon BackerNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Kjærsti TheodorsenNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Lars Vegard KjærstadNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Marianne HolmeseslandNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Marimette RynningNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Nils-Georg EngebretsenNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Remi LudvigsenNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Sanjin RupicNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Steinar G. RasmussenNorwayB+3/1/2018Best Value Europe
Didier AdriaansensNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Henk OtteNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Jan-Hein PoodtNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Jella JongeriusNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
John JanssonNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Karen van ZwamNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Maarten BalkeNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Miriam van DullemenNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Rob CornelisNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Robert DwarsNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Wouter van VilsterenNetherlandsB+2/15/2018Best Value Experts Academy
D.J. van GemerenNetherlandsB+2/13/2018Best Value Europe
Jelle KieboomNetherlandsB+2/13/2018Best Value Europe
Pascal van AkenNetherlandsB+2/13/2018Best Value Europe
Sake HemstraNetherlandsB+2/13/2018Best Value Europe
Edward MutsaersNetherlandsB+2/7/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Eysetin HusebyeNorwayB+2/7/2018Best Value Europe
Frode JørgensenNorwayB+2/7/2018Best Value Europe
Joris VergouwenNetherlandsB+2/7/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
June karin Hesby VastveitNorwayB+2/7/2018Best Value Europe
Karin Harnes HoelNorwayB+2/7/2018Best Value Europe
Lars van ZomerenNetherlandsB+2/7/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Leon HabrakenNetherlandsB+2/7/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Michael ØvrebøNorwayB+2/7/2018Best Value Europe
Petter BrandtzagNorwayB+2/7/2018Best Value Europe
Ruud BaksNetherlandsB+2/7/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Sabine HuismanNetherlandsB+2/7/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Sandre DolsvågNorwayB+2/7/2018Best Value Europe
Thea SmidNetherlandsB+2/7/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Tom Erik CarstensenNetherlandsB+2/7/2018Best Value Europe
Ane OftedalNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Ane VestreNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Åshild GudmestadNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Eirik RakeNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Erlend FiskumNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Finn Erik EspegrenNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Glenn EriksenNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Gudmund KviaNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Hanne Bloch ValebjørgNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Ingeir SlettemoenNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Jesper E. MagnussenNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
John HarvelandNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Kai Tore VatlandNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Karin AaserudNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Kristian de LangeNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Lars TunliNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Liv Åse TeksleNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Marianne ÅseNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Roar TveråNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Roger GjeldnesNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Ruben VorlandNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Svein OrnæsNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Svein Tore TinglumNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Sven HabroNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Tom BruelandNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Tom Erik CarstensenNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Tommy MalandNorwayB+2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Tor Harald IhmeNorwayB+2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Albertus HumbletNetherlandsB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Alexis VigilUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Allen CookUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Andy JohnsonUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Bobby R. LaRonUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Dave CavanaughUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Erwin SpaansNetherlandsB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Katie CorningUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Louison De KokNetherlandsB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Matt BoikeUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Patrick HebbardNetherlandsB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Paul OlutundeNigeriaB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Paulos Abebe WondimuNorwayB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Peter BoerNetherlandsB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Peter TakkenkampNetherlandsB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Prentiss TaylorUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Rick WestonUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Ron PetersonUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Terry EastleeUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Tiffany AudetteUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Timothy RussellUnited StatesB+2/2/2018PBSRG
Anne Marieke van der MeulenNetherlandsB+2/1/2018PBSRG
Chris BoessenkoolNetherlandsB+2/1/2018PBSRG
Jaap PeelenNetherlandsB+2/1/2018PBSRG
Pawel ZejerNetherlandsB+2/1/2018PBSRG
Bas GoverdeNetherlandsB+11/28/2017Best Value Europe
Carla SandersNetherlandsB+11/28/2017Best Value Europe
Eric LissenburgNetherlandsB+11/28/2017Best Value Europe
Stefan BeijerNetherlandsB+11/28/2017Best Value Europe
Ewoud SpruijtenburgNetherlandsB+11/16/2017SCENTER
Peter VoorburgNetherlandsB+11/16/2017SCENTER
Sjoerd van GeeneNetherlandsB+11/16/2017SCENTER
Tom de LangeNetherlandsB+11/16/2017SCENTER
Aino WerpNorwayB+10/12/2017Best Value Europe
Arve KrogsethNorwayB+10/12/2017Best Value Europe
Ivana KatavicNorwayB+10/12/2017Best Value Europe
Ivana StehlikováCzechB+10/12/2017Best Value Europe
Jana ZikmundováCzechB+10/12/2017Best Value Europe
Petr JelinekCzechB+10/12/2017Best Value Europe
Roman NovotnýCzechB+10/12/2017Best Value Europe
Trond SimonsrudNorwayB+10/12/2017Best Value Europe

B certified individuals

Full NameCountryCertificationDateCertification Group
Brad PotterUnited StatesB1/2/2020PBSRG
Mark RoelofsmaNetherlands
Mars Inkoopadvies
Pim JonkerNetherlandsB11/15/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Wendy BlankertNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Gerard EickmansNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Remco GulickxNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Jeroen JansenNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Freddy NieuwenhuizeNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Erik NijhofNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Peter OudshoornNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Linda RebelNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Michel VonkNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Frank van DijkNetherlandsB11/10/2019Best Value United
Heather BaileyUnited StatesB9/26/2019PBSRG
Shanica BurdexUnited StatesB7/24/2019PBSRG
Maegan FilonowUnited StatesB7/24/2019PBSRG
Kimberley CoulterUnited StatesB7/24/2019PBSRG
Cinnamon AlexanderUnited StatesB7/24/2019PBSRG
Gary HayUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Jim TaylorUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
kevin ElmUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Mike PerkinsUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Rowland PloenzkeUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Tom ShultzUnited StatesB5/31/2019PBSRG
Brandon TownUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Dane JohnsonUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Dawn AndersonUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Jed KleinUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Kim WudinichUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Nick ScholerUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Reid ThiesseUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Steff HaatajaUnited StatesB5/30/2019PBSRG
Liesbeth van HeterenNetherlandsB3/25/2019Mars Inkoopadvies
Cody KlugeUnited StatesB1/14/2019PBSRG
Colton ReidUnited StatesB1/14/2019PBSRG
Greg BertolaUnited StatesB1/14/2019PBSRG
James WheatleyUnited StatesB1/14/2019PBSRG
Kevin WhitingUnited StatesB1/14/2019PBSRG
Neihlee MuirUnited StatesB1/14/2019PBSRG
Tom IversonUnited StatesB1/14/2019PBSRG
West VeghUnited StatesB1/14/2019PBSRG
Carol JacksonUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Corey JensenUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Heather PickettUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Kim AustinUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Matt PetersonUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Michael MunozUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Tony GlenzUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Tracy PlinskeUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Zach HeidmannUnited StatesB10/31/2018PBSRG
Brandon CookUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Byron Burr MillsapUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Chandra MillerUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Darrin ArnoldUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Joseph FaraniUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Kira ReyesUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Leanna EdmondsUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Marc BrownUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Nathan BairdUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Teresa JeffriesUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Tiffany WrightUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Vanessa YoungUnited StatesB7/25/2018PBSRG
Lucas BroekemaThe NetherlandsB6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Marco RoemenThe NetherlandsB6/13/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Aaron SaudeUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
James KellyUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Luke SandstromUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Marcus CulverUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Mary NelsonUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Michael GerberUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Michael JohnsonUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Mwende NzimbiUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Pam FernandezUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Steven AndersonUnited StatesB5/4/2018PBSRG
Catarina SantaUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Courtney MorganUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Eugene Ruff-WagnerUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Sharon Salazar-GomezUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Teresa CajeteUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Wes NestorUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Amanda DeLucaUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Avis PoeUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Dan ArroyoUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Joan WhiteUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Joee SanchezUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Sandia SanchezUnited StatesB4/5/2018PBSRG
Børge KvitlandNorwayB2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Jo StormyrbakkenNorwayB2/6/2018Mars Inkoopadvies
Morten HageNorwayB2/6/2018Best Value Experts Academy
Anthony ShirekUnited StatesB2/2/2018PBSRG
Brandon LawsonUnited StatesB2/2/2018PBSRG
Carlos MenjivarUnited StatesB2/2/2018PBSRG
Sue ThompsonUnited StatesB2/2/2018PBSRG

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2016 Saint Louis School Academic Innovation Award

Saint Louis School (SLS) awards the 2016 Education Innovation Award to Professor Dean Kashiwagi (Class of 70′), the Performance Based Studies Research Group, KSM, and the Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA) for their donation of the “Leadership and Deductive Logic” course to SLS and continual support of the NCAA approved course. PBSRG has donated over $65,000 of intellectual property license rights, support services, electronic textbooks, course materials, and in-person teaching for the “Leadership and Deductive Logic” Class [2015-2016].

2012 IFMA Fellowship – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

Established to recognize members dedicated to IFMA and the facility management profession, the IFMA Fellowship Program creates an elite core of respected leaders who act as advisers to and ambassadors of the association. Being named an IFMA Fellow is the highest honor the association can bestow on a member. In 2012, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi became one of only 90 professionals that have received the distinction thus far. Kashiwagi was recognized for his “inspiring, engaging and tireless” FM education and research, which has spanned over two decades.

2012 Dutch Sourcing Awards – Best Overall Procurement Effort & Operational Excellence – Rijkswaterstaat

The Dutch Sourcing Awards are presented annually to the purchasing teams that have demonstrated the most impressive purchasing performance in the Netherlands over the past year. In 2012, Rijkswaterstaat won the award for Best Overall Procurement Effort as well as the Operational Excellence category. Under great political and social pressure, the organization has implemented Best Value Procurement on a billion dollar road network project. This sparked the growth of Best Value Procurement in the Netherlands.

2011 IFMA MSP Chapter Facility Practitioner of the Year

In January 2012, The Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter of IFMA presented its 2011 Facility Practitioner of the Year award to Tom Shultz, Director of Facilities for Intermediate District 287, for his use of the Best Value Model. Using Best Value, he was able to transform the way his organization selected and managed the construction of their new facility in New Hope. Rather than using the traditional price‐based procurement processes, his team used best‐value processes to select the highest performing contractors who had an affinity to identify and minimize risk.

2011 George Cronin Silver Award for Procurement Excellence – State of Idaho

The 2011 George Cronin Silver Award was presented to the State of Idaho for its Best Value Model. Idaho teamed with the Performance Based Research Studies Group in an effort to improve the success rate and decrease the risks associated with service contracts. Since implementation, the state has applied these Best Value practices to a variety of programs internally, has promoted their plan to at least two other states and has assisted Arizona State in transforming what started as a construction-focused process to a mainstream public procurement sector solution.

2009 IFMA Educator of the Year Award – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

Each year, The International Facility Management Association recognizes groups and individuals who have made significant contributions to the facility management profession and the association. In 2009, their Distinguished Educator Award went to Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, for his numerous accomplishments in education and research during the past year. One significant accomplishment was receiving a Fulbright Scholarship to share his facility and project management practices with the people of Botswana, Africa. Visit this link for detailed information about this award.

2008 CIB Research Innovation of the Year – University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota (Capital Planning and Project Management Group) was awarded the 2008 Research Innovation of the Year Award by the CIB for their use of Best Value Model in the delivery and management of construction and design services. Visit this link for detailed information about this award.

2008 CIB Programme Committee (PC) Commendations – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

The CIB Programme Committee awards the annual PC Commendations for extraordinary performance in the CIB Programme of Activities. In 2008, CIB Task Group 61, under joint coordination of Kashiwagi, was upgraded to a working commission in 2008 and attracted more new CIB Members than any other CIB Commission.

2008 Fulbright Scholarship Award – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

The Fulbright Program is one of the most prestigious awards programs in the world. The program operates in 144 countries and awards only 7,000 grants annually. In 2008, Dr. Dean T. Kashiwagi was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture and conduct research at University of Botswana (Africa).

2007 COAA Gold Award – City of Peoria

The Construction Owners Association of America has an annual Project Leadership Award that recognizes excellence in project management & promotes leadership, professionalism & excellence of owners & developers involved in the construction process. In 2007, the City of Peoria received the COAA’s highest award (Gold Award) for the success of the Rio Vista Recreational Center. This project was procured using the Best Value Model.

2007 FCM’s Station Style Gold Medal in Design Excellence – City of Peoria

Every year, Fire Chief Magazine hosts a competition recognizing architects and fire departments for outstanding achievements in fire station design and construction. In 2007, The City of Peoria’s Jomax Fire Station #7 was the recipient of this award, judged by a panel of architects and fire service executives. The station is a modern 11,800 sq. ft., 3-bay satellite station, aimed at minimizing emergency response time with an efficient layout, and built with sustainable / green strategies and materials. This project was procured using the Best Value Model.

2005 H. Bruce Russell Global Innovators Award – Harvard University

The CoreNet H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator’s Awards program showcases solutions, best practices & innovations in corporate real estate and workplace management. In 2005, Harvard University received CoreNet’s highest award for innovation for transforming their organization using the Best Value Model.

2001 Pono Technology Award – State of Hawaii

The Pono Technology Award is presented to organizations in Hawaii that have excelled at successfully implementing information technologies for the betterment of the enterprise. In 2001, the State of Hawaii was recognized for its innovation in improving productivity and performance using the Best Value Model.


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