A+ Certification

The A+ BVA is the highest comprehension level of certification a BV expert can achieve. The A+ certification signifies an individual is capable of educating other professionals in the Best Value process and concepts.

The Requirements include:

  1. Annually passing the Train the Trainer (TTT) Exam: The “train the trainer” Exam is given once a year by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi at the Annual Worldwide Best Value Conference held in Arizona. The TTT exam is the application of the Best Value Approach and Information Measurement Theory (IMT) to resolve issues that arise in organizations and supply chains. Unlike the B and B+ exams which focus on the introductory theory and process; the TTT exam focuses on the advanced application of the theory and process to real world problems.
  2. Obtain all other certifications: In order to have an active A+ certification a professional must have all other certifications, which include A, B+, B and B- certifications. In other words, a professional can participate and pass the Train the Trainer exam, however; the A+ certification of the professional will not be activated until all other certifications are achieved.