Change Management Principles: Best Value Implementation Case Study

Change Management Principles: Best Value Implementation Case Study

By Kenneth Sullivan, Brian Lines, Brian Stone, Brian Stewart, Hugh Warren, Brian Lines, Brian Stewart, Brian Stone, Hugh Warren, Kenneth Sullivan
September 2012

Ever increasing competition in the global market has caused organizations in all industries strive towards greater effectiveness. Although individual companies may pursue effectiveness via a number of avenues, nearly all efforts to improve performance necessitate some level of organizational change implementation and management. Since much research exists in this field, the literature is reviewed to identify key change management principles from leading organizational change implementation models. An organizational change effort at the University of Alberta is examined, where an owner-driven quality program, the Best Value Model, is being implemented in the procurement and facilities and operations departments. A case study is presented in the University’s pilot project implementation of best value through the procurement and delivery of a large-scale custodial services contract. The success of this organizational change effort is retrospectively assessed in terms of the leading literature principles of change implementation models. This is significant because it provides a real-time case study to further validate the existing literature knowledge in the field of organizational change management.

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