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Project management (PM) is a fundamental component of delivering services. In 2010, the Project Management Institute identified that 99% of global senior executives identified the importance of the PM method ...

How do you know a vendor or contractor is successful? How do you know a project or service is going well? What value is your project generating? Performance metrics were originally created...

Today’s procurement tip is on minimum standards. As the buyer defines their requirements, they are apt to set minimum standards. Minimum standards have become common practice in the industry as a means...

By Atosa Joudia, Ingrid Børset Breivika, Paulos Wondimubc, Leif Daniel Houcka November 2018 Infrastructure projects are increasing in project sizes and complexity. The high number of delays, budget overruns, disputes and claims experienced in the infrastructure industry demonstrates a need for change. As a...

By Nguyen Le December 2017 Abstract This paper provides a literature review assessing the performance and issues of delivering construction services in the Vietnam Construction Industry (VCI). The research also explores a potential solution that could improve the performance of the VCI. The...