• Date of Work: 1996-1998 Background: The United Airlines (UAL) San Francisco Maintenance Center is responsible for performing many high-risk functions 365 days a year.  The facility department is faced with the difficulty of maintaining approximately 5 million square feet of......

  • In 2004, the City of Peoria, AZ implemented the PIPS Best Value process to determine if they could increase contractor performance and accountability from what was seen under the low-bid award process. The process was first tested on various types......

  • In 2005, the University of Minnesota Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) partnered with the PBSRG to increase the efficiency of the delivery of construction for the University’s Twin Cities Campus. In 2007, after 2 years of testing, UMN-CPPM made the PIPS......

  • Date of Work: 2006 – 2007 Background: In the fall of 2006 PBSRG contracted with Entergy Corporation to implement best value procurement into their facilities group capital projects program. Entergy is an integrated energy organization that provides electricity to the......

  • Schering Plough is recognized as one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world and procures about $57.3 million worth of services a year.  Although most of the services they outsource are standard functions, due to the nature of their business, a minor error could potentially have a large impact in ...

  • Date of Work: 2008 – 2010 Battleship Laboratory, Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, New Mexico USAF Project; Procurement Agency: Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque District Lessons Learned Conclusions of Albuquerque COE District Legal counsel Richard Toten: “He and the team saw the implementation......

  • The article goes over the work that was done with the Best Value Approach during the Olympics when they were hosted in Utah. The results were staggering but not enough to continue ...

  • Date of Work: 1997 – 2012 Background: PBSRG has worked with the following United States federal government organizations: U.S. Coast Guard (2003-2005.) U.S. Corps of Engineers (2007-2009.) U.S. Air Force (2007-2009.) Federal Aviation Administration (1997-1999, 2003-2005.) U.S. Army Medical Command......


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We’ve created a series of books to determine if PBSRG is suited for you and to guide your thinking along the evolution of your PBSRG journey.

How to know everything without knowing anything Vol.2

This book is for the advanced implementers of the Best Value Approach. This book addresses different applications in the last three years of how an “information worker” can truly “know almost everything without knowing anything”.

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How to know everything without knowing anything

Learn the theory behind the technology that has been tested on 1800+ projects totaling over $6.4 Billion ($4.2B in construction projects and $2.2B in non-construction/professional service projects) with a 98% success rate since 1994.

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2016 Best Value Approach

Dean Kashiwagi is the creator of Best Value Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS). PIPS is a futuristic project management model, a powerful risk management model and a optimal procurement system.

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Download our Best Value E-Book for Free

We will show you how to use this leadership-based model to decrease risk, stress, cost and management requirements, and to literally transform your business.

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2016 Saint Louis School Academic Innovation Award

Saint Louis School (SLS) awards the 2016 Education Innovation Award to Professor Dean Kashiwagi (Class of 70′), the Performance Based Studies Research Group, KSM, and the Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA) for their donation of the “Leadership and Deductive Logic” course to SLS and continual support of the NCAA approved course. PBSRG has donated over $65,000 of intellectual property license rights, support services, electronic textbooks, course materials, and in-person teaching for the “Leadership and Deductive Logic” Class [2015-2016].

2012 IFMA Fellowship – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

Established to recognize members dedicated to IFMA and the facility management profession, the IFMA Fellowship Program creates an elite core of respected leaders who act as advisers to and ambassadors of the association. Being named an IFMA Fellow is the highest honor the association can bestow on a member. In 2012, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi became one of only 90 professionals that have received the distinction thus far. Kashiwagi was recognized for his “inspiring, engaging and tireless” FM education and research, which has spanned over two decades.  Read more about this award

2012 Dutch Sourcing Awards – Best Overall Procurement Effort & Operational Excellence – Rijkswaterstaat

The Dutch Sourcing Awards are presented annually to the purchasing teams that have demonstrated the most impressive purchasing performance in the Netherlands over the past year. In 2012, Rijkswaterstaat won the award for Best Overall Procurement Effort as well as the Operational Excellence category. Under great political and social pressure, the organization has implemented Best Value Procurement on a billion dollar road network project. This sparked the growth of Best Value Procurement in the Netherlands.

2011 IFMA MSP Chapter Facility Practitioner of the Year

In January 2012, The Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter of IFMA presented its 2011 Facility Practitioner of the Year award to Tom Shultz, Director of Facilities for Intermediate District 287, for his use of the Best Value Model. Using Best Value, he was able to transform the way his organization selected and managed the construction of their new facility in New Hope. Rather than using the traditional price‐based procurement processes, his team used best‐value processes to select the highest performing contractors who had an affinity to identify and minimize risk.

2011 George Cronin Silver Award for Procurement Excellence – State of Idaho

The 2011 George Cronin Silver Award was presented to the State of Idaho for its Best Value Model. Idaho teamed with the Performance Based Research Studies Group in an effort to improve the success rate and decrease the risks associated with service contracts. Since implementation, the state has applied these Best Value practices to a variety of programs internally, has promoted their plan to at least two other states and has assisted Arizona State in transforming what started as a construction-focused process to a mainstream public procurement sector solution.

2009 IFMA Educator of the Year Award – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

Each year, The International Facility Management Association recognizes groups and individuals who have made significant contributions to the facility management profession and the association. In 2009, their Distinguished Educator Award went to Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, for his numerous accomplishments in education and research during the past year. One significant accomplishment was receiving a Fulbright Scholarship to share his facility and project management practices with the people of Botswana, Africa. Visit this link for detailed information about this award.

2008 CIB Research Innovation of the Year – University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota (Capital Planning and Project Management Group) was awarded the 2008 Research Innovation of the Year Award by the CIB for their use of Best Value Model in the delivery and management of construction and design services. Visit this link for detailed information about this award.

2008 CIB Programme Committee (PC) Commendations – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

The CIB Programme Committee awards the annual PC Commendations for extraordinary performance in the CIB Programme of Activities. In 2008, CIB Task Group 61, under joint coordination of Kashiwagi, was upgraded to a working commission in 2008 and attracted more new CIB Members than any other CIB Commission.

2008 Fulbright Scholarship Award – Dr. Dean Kashiwagi

The Fulbright Program is one of the most prestigious awards programs in the world. The program operates in 144 countries and awards only 7,000 grants annually. In 2008, Dr. Dean T. Kashiwagi was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture and conduct research at University of Botswana (Africa).

2007 COAA Gold Award – City of Peoria

The Construction Owners Association of America has an annual Project Leadership Award that recognizes excellence in project management & promotes leadership, professionalism & excellence of owners & developers involved in the construction process. In 2007, the City of Peoria received the COAA’s highest award (Gold Award) for the success of the Rio Vista Recreational Center. This project was procured using the Best Value Model.

2007 FCM’s Station Style Gold Medal in Design Excellence – City of Peoria

Every year, Fire Chief Magazine hosts a competition recognizing architects and fire departments for outstanding achievements in fire station design and construction. In 2007, The City of Peoria’s Jomax Fire Station #7 was the recipient of this award, judged by a panel of architects and fire service executives. The station is a modern 11,800 sq. ft., 3-bay satellite station, aimed at minimizing emergency response time with an efficient layout, and built with sustainable / green strategies and materials. This project was procured using the Best Value Model.

2005 H. Bruce Russell Global Innovators Award – Harvard University

The CoreNet H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator’s Awards program showcases solutions, best practices & innovations in corporate real estate and workplace management. In 2005, Harvard University received CoreNet’s highest award for innovation for transforming their organization using the Best Value Model.

2001 Pono Technology Award – State of Hawaii

The Pono Technology Award is presented to organizations in Hawaii that have excelled at successfully implementing information technologies for the betterment of the enterprise. In 2001, the State of Hawaii was recognized for its innovation in improving productivity and performance using the Best Value Model.


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