The Impact of Culture on the Indian Construction Industry

The Impact of Culture on the Indian Construction Industry

By Syed Nihas, Kristen C. Barlish, Jacob Kashiwagi, Dean T. Kashiwagi

December 2013

The Indian construction industry has been characterized by poor performance. This paper analyzes the potential impact of the Indian culture on the poor performance.  If the culture is a major cause in the construction industry subpar performance, can the cultural influence be overridden to minimize construction project delays and cost overruns.  The authors propose to identify the unique cultural issues, identify using the Construction Industry Structure (CIS) model the impact of the cultural issues on the construction industry, and identify a potential solution to the problem.  The paper proposes to test the solution in actual tests with industry participants.  What makes this research unique is the approach of using deductive logic to create a simple solution, and then convincing a major research client to test the proposal.

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