University of Minnesota

In 2005, the University of Minnesota Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) partnered with the PBSRG to increase the efficiency of the delivery of construction for the University’s Twin Cities Campus. In 2007, after 2 years of testing, UMN-CPPM made the PIPS program a standard procurement option available on all projects. This decision was made in part due to the high performance results of the pilot program. A year later, the UMN-CPPM expanded the use of the program to include professional services (architectural, engineering, and consulting).

Testimonial:This is one of the most logical, streamlined, factually based processes that actually measures performance that I have seen.” – Michael Perkins, (Retired) Associate VP of Capital Planning. Listen to Interview with Michael

$311.5 M
$329 M
9.6 / 10
Projects procured and run using Best Value
Total estimated budget of projects
Total awarded cost of projects
Projects completed without vendor cost increases
Procurements where Best Value was also lowest cost
Final post-project close out ratings of Best Value
Percent saved off total expected construction spend ($42M)
REFERENCE: Mike Perkins, (Retired) Associate VP of Capital Planning | |612-877-0430