Using Best Value PIPS in Europe, Need for Compromise?

Using Best Value PIPS in Europe, Need for Compromise?

By Marianne van Leeuwen

January 2011

Best Value Procurement Performance Information Procurement System (hereinafter: BVP-PiPS) is a methodology developed in the United States and is now being used by private and public contractors in the Netherlands. For public contractors in Europe, application of BVP-PIPS is not straightforward because of the constraints of the European legislation on procurement. This paper describes how BVP-PIPS can be used in a European legal context. First, some basic aspects of European procurement law are explained. Next, the original BVP-PIPS method is described in short. Subsequently the method is tested against the European legal constraints. Implications from European procurement law to all phases from the BVP-PIPS method will be described. The paper ends with conclusions on how BVP-PIPS can be used within the European legal framework.

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