US Embassy Botswana: Research Test of Best Value Procurement

US Embassy Botswana: Research Test of Best Value Procurement

By Pasis Mselle, Mex Muatjetjeja, Jacob Kashiwagi, Kenneth Sullivan

July 2009


Review the attempt of transforming University of Botswana (UB) faculty into research based faculty using the U.S. Embassy test as a mechanism.

The UB faculty were trained through a mentorship of learning to teach a research based course, were taught how to interface with the industry, were mentored on running the test, and then given full control over the research test.

UB faculty had problems, but are facing both a radical change in philosophy and culture. Problems occurred but progress is substantial.

The research production of the UB staff has risen dramatically. This is the first time PIPS has been tested in Africa. It is not only a new technology, the research approach is entirely different. It needs a strategic approach where faculty actually must change how their approach their responsibilities.

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