Transforming an Organization by Using a New Project Management Approach

Transforming an Organization by Using a New Project Management Approach

By Marie Sullivan, Kenneth Sullivan, Jacob Kashiwagi, Dean Kashiwagi

May 2008

The US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) annually manages 250 projects, with a scope of $300M, at 26 different sites. Due to current events and initiatives, MEDCOM is anticipating an increase in construction requirements. As a result, MEDCOM is seeking for a more efficient project management model that can optimize each project manager’s function as well as the organization. The hypothesis is that the entire organization is merely a summation of the project managers,
and that the organization’s bureaucracy problem is a magnification of the internal problems of a project manager. The new project management model must overcome the constraints of the lack of perceived information and expertise and bureaucracy of the environment. This paper proposes a model which is a combination of different processes and concepts which have been tested out in the delivery of construction for the past 13 years.

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