To Create Decision Support Systems or Replace Decision Making?

To Create Decision Support Systems or Replace Decision Making?

By Dean Kashiwagi, Jacob Kashiwagi, Kenneth Sullivan

June 2010

For decades, research has been conducted that addresses the issue of decision making.   For the past 15 years, research addressing decision making has been conducted by the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG).  The research is proposing that decision making is only done in events where there is inadequate information.  Decision making brings risk.
Unlike more traditional approaches which use decision making tools to bring information to the decision maker, this research is proposing that the mechanism of decision making itself is a problem.  The solution being proposed is to minimize decision making by all participants in the supply chain, and also minimize any characteristics that leads to decision making.  A structure/process has been developed which perceives all organizations and groups of organizations as a supply chain, and minimizes decision making by supply chain participants.   It also minimizes management, direction, and control, and replaces it with a leadership structure.  This concept has been tested out in almost 700 tests over 15 years and has a 98% level of predictability and success.  The paper used deductive logic and test results to validate the proposal.

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