The Role of the Professional in the Future Government Organization

The Role of the Professional in the Future Government Organization

By Jacob Kashiwagi, Kenneth Sullivan, Dean Kashiwagi

November 2009

A leadership based structure and a new role of the professional in the delivery of construction and other services is being proposed. The new role is one of leadership, accountability, forcing the vendors to have high technical skills and capability, and ensuring high performance in delivering design and construction services. It is also a role which motivates contractors to perform (on time, on budget, and meeting the expectation of the client.) The new role of the professional is one which increases the professionalism of the professional and adds value of the industry. The new role minimizes inefficient characteristics such as management, direction, control, minimum standards, flow of information, and transactions. This model is currently being tested in the United States, Netherlands, and Botswana. The leadership based model consists of Information Measurement Theory (IMT), the Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS), and its risk management portion, the Performance Information Risk Management System (PIRMS.)

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