The Research Model that Revolutionized the Dutch Construction Industry

The Research Model that Revolutionized the Dutch Construction Industry

By Kashiwagi, D., Kashiwagi, J., Kashiwagi, A., Sullivan, K.

December 2012

The Dutch construction industry is making a change from an owner controlled to a contractor-controlled environment.  It is a movement from a top down culture (management, direction and control) to a bottom up culture (alignment and use of expertise).  Owner decision making, management, direction and control are being replaced with a leadership model, which aligns and utilizes the expertise of the contractors.  The changes in the Dutch construction industry validate a non-traditional research model, which used deductive logic and case studies involving dominant information and visionary industry participants, non-traditional concepts of Information Measurement Theory (IMT), the Construction Industry Structure (CIS) model and the best value Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS).

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