The Best Value IT Industry

The Best Value IT Industry

By Dean Kashiwagi, Isaac Kashiwagi

December 2014

The IT industry has struggled with performance in the last 10 years. Tools, processes, and techniques have been developed in attempts to improve performance. Three of the most recent proposed solutions which have shown previous results of success include decreasing the size of projects, using agile project management, and using the best value approach. This paper will focus on differentiating between the three approaches and introduces the latest solution, the best value approach. After analyzing the three approaches, the paper proposes that the best value approach is the only one that requires the utilization of expertise. Using a case study of Schuberg Philis, the paper proposes that the Schuberg Philis model uses the agile approach but has most of the characteristics of the best value approach. In the course of the study and analysis, the Schuberg Philis company has moved from the agile approach to the Best Value approach.

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