Tender Environmental Impact Assessment Extra Discharge Capacity Afsuitdijk

Tender Environmental Impact Assessment Extra Discharge Capacity Afsuitdijk

By Stan van Veenendaal, Wiebe Witteveen

January 2011

‘The project Extra Discharge Capacity Afsluitdijk (EDCA) of Rijkswaterstaat aims to enlarge the capacity of the discharge sluices by building new sluices, necessary because of the climate change. Rijkswaterstaat has decided to outsource the responsibility to write the Environmental Impact Report to an engineering firm. Specific problems in the outsourcing of engineering jobs involve the limited liability of the engineering firms as well as how they receive little or no feedback from the design and build phase. This paper tests the hypothesis that BVP can also be successful in the area of engineering services. The result shows that BVP can be successful in the procurement of engineering services. The application of BVP at EDCA was very distinguishing in selecting the best value vendor. It identified a vendor at a lower cost, shorter time schedule, and with more innovative ideas than the Rijkswaterstaat project team.

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