Project Management Methodologies: A Comparative Analysis

Project Management Methodologies: A Comparative Analysis

By C. M. M. Chin, A. C. Spowage, E. H. Yap

October 2012

Across all industrial sectors, project management has become an essential element in the successful delivery of projects. Regardless of the industrial sector or size of project, project management methodologies (PMM) can be applied to improve the probability of meeting the project goals. In an earlier published work, we had classified PMM in five distinct but interdependent levels. In this paper, our objective is to further extend the discussion on the characteristics of L3 methodologies by comparing the PMM currently being applied in three distinct sectors: (1) academic institutions; (2) industry organizations and (3) government linked organizations. Each of the PMM across the three sectors will be compared and discussed against a list of elements to elicit a common set of requirements.

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