Prefabricated Foundation System for Single Storey Houses

Prefabricated Foundation System for Single Storey Houses

By Ashok Kumar, Ajay Chaurasia, Sayantani Lala, Aditya Kumar, Vijayraj

October 2016

Prefabrication technologies have been used in the building industry since the 19th century. The technologies vary from the innovative materials to novel techniques of construction and the prefabricated systems range from individual components to the entire structure. The major prefabrication technologies prevalent today include sandwich panel walling elements, hollow core slabs, light gauge steel frames as well as modular housing. Even though prefabrication technologies have been widely used in slabs, beams and columns, prefab foundation system is still a relatively new concept. The construction of foundation is the most important part of building process and hence a sound prefabricated foundation system is the need of the hour. In this paper, an attempt has been made for construction of a portable prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation which can be used in buildings up to three storeys.

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