New Approach to Teaching Procurement in Graduate Education

New Approach to Teaching Procurement in Graduate Education

By Aderemi Adeyemi, Jacob Kashiwagi, Dean Kashiwagi, Kenneth Sullivan

May 2009

The purpose of the paper is to propose and test to transform the teaching of procurement/project management from an education based approach to a research based approach, to change the focus from the instructor’s knowledge to changing the student’s work environment, and to change the industry environment by research testing instead of education.  Design/methodology/approach
The design of research based University of Botswana (UB) procurement course is based on successful PBSRG model. The UB course was transformed from education based to research based. The focus of class is on deductive logic models, and research application instead of textbook education. Class was run to identify if it increased research activity.

Over the period of five months, the course was transformed. A core group of faculty was trained. The students were tested and measured. Six research tests were started, three more tests being negotiated. Thirteen publications were submitted. Two long term research contracts ($25K US) are being negotiated. The level of research activity has been increased in the test group from no activity to the current level.

The new research based model can be used by university units with limited research funding, research capability, resources, and current knowledge.

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