Case Study: Implementation at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Case Study: Implementation at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

By Antoinette Bos

December 2012

Best Value PIPS has become popular in the Netherlands and at the Hanze UAS. Hanze UAS started its first BV PIPS project in June 2011 and is currently performing seven projects.  The Hanze UAS encountered major difficulties in the clarification period with an IT project. Therefore the main thrust of this paper is to explore the clarification and risk management phase. For this purpose the author uses an IT project as a case study. The conclusion is that it is in the clarification phase that the major paradigm shift takes place. BV practitioners must understand that the clarification phase is critical in the changing of the paradigm.  The client and the vendor must continually implement the new BV concepts and lessons learned.  This case study is similar to projects in the U.S., where the culture of the organization is the biggest challenge to the BV system.

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