Minnesota Best Value Certification Training

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For over 25 years, KSM has been testing and refining “The Best Value Approach” that has been utilized over 2000 times in projects with 90+ organizations totaling $6.6 Billion with a customer satisfaction of 98%. It is also the most licensed technology are Arizona State University with 65 licenses from all over the world.

Minnesota BVA Certification Training

The City of Roseville will be hosting a certification training on October 12, 2021. The training includes The Best Value Certification Training meets all requirements of The State Construction Best Value Law. All attendees will receive the presentation and training material. This training is a four-hour training which is comprised of presentations, exercises, and Q&A sessions from Dr. Kashiwagi, and the latest innovations of the Best Value Approach (BVA). We invite all contractors and clients to attend the session.


PBSRG has worked extensively in the State of Minnesota with the BVA. In 2007 PBSRG assisted in passing legislation to make BVA a method to procure services. PBSRG has assisted in Minnesota on over 400 BVA projects with 10+ clients totaling to $495M in project award. The BVA minimized contractor change orders to less than 1%, allowed clients to track projects, and improve performance.

The Training Objectives:


1. Learn how to maximize services with a limited budget

2. Learn how to minimize costs by 30%.

3. Learn how to utilize expertise and identify risk through non-technical

4. Learn how to teach the BVA simply to other stakeholders and procurement

5. Learn how to increase vendor performance

6. Learn latest advancements of the Best Value approach.


1. Learn how contractors can increase profit.

2. Learn how contractors can help clients to minimize risk.

3. Learn how contractors can change any project into a best value project.

4. Learn how to align employees to optimize performance by 10X.

5. Learn how to minimize transactions with clients.

6. Learn how to increase award/win rate.

Event Details:


Cost: $250 per person and includes pdfs of all presentations and latest virtual books.

Date: October 12, 2021

Time: 9AM – 4PM

Location: 2661 Civic Center Dr, St Paul, MN 55113


For further questions, contact Joseph Kashiwagi, josephkashiwagi@ksm-inc.com.


TBD, TBD, Roseville, United States

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