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Risk Management Process Reduces Costs


Schedule Delay: 0%
Cost Impacts: 1%

Contractor Change Orders: 0%

Satisfaction: 10 out of 10 vendor

risk rating by Client PM


Type: Construction (CMAR)

Contractor: Mortenson


Location: Minneapolis, MN


Contract: $51,000,000


Start Date: November 2011

Completion Date: November 2013

Physics & Nanotechnology Building (CMAR)

The experimental physics and nanotechnology advancement building will provide modern and highly flexible physics laboratory and laboratory support space, and nanotechnology space (including a 5,000-square-foot clean room). All told, the facility will contain 40 new research laboratories.

ASU helped implement the Best Value Model for risk management during project planning and delivery with successful; results. Adhering to this model has allowed the awarded contractor to limit overall cost increases to less than 1% of their planned cost, which was well below the allotted contingency budget. The Best Value performance measurement system has facilitated the ability of the project to stay on schedule for a planned completion date of November 2013, even though the project has seen a down economy and a State Government shutdown in 2011.

REFERENCE:  Mike Perkins, Associate VP of Capital Planning (Retired) | |612-877-0430

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