University of Alberta

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta partnered with PBSRG at ASU to implement the Best Value Business Model with the following strategic objectives:

  • Become a measured organization
  • Increase preplanning and risk minimization
  • Procure and contract with high performing vendors
  • Increase accountability and performance of vendors throughout the contract lifetime.

U of A first piloted Best Value on three projects in distinct industries: services, construction, and design & engineering. After impressive results, U of A has expanded their Best Value portfolio to include numerous projects and an even wider variety of industries, including Information Technology (IT), travel management services, and a construction management program for all small construction projects on campus.

Testimonial: “Best Value saved 14-18 months in schedule and $8-12M in cost on the Design-Build Balmoral Project when compared with traditional processes that would have resulted in change orders during construction. Best Value also saved $500K per year in upfront costs on the University’s Custodial Services contract, plus an additional $400K on the following year of implementation and had an ancillary benefit of being able to internally reassign 3 FTEs to different work on a full time basis (indirect savings of $180K).   The vendor is working to an equal or higher standard than established for campus. ” – Hugh Warren, Executive Director of Operations & Maintenance

9.9 / 10
Projects procured and run using Best Value
Total value of projects
Total Savings from first 3 projects
Cost Savings on DB Construction of high tech research facility
Up front savings on Custodial Services contract
U of A Project Manager satisfaction with Best Value vendors
Brian Stewart, Director of Procurement | | 780-492-2775
Hugh Warren, Executive Director of Operations & Maintenance | | 780-492-6405