State of Hawaii & University of Hawaii

In 1997, the State of Hawaii, Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS), began implementing the PIPS process. Tired of the complaints they received on the traditional low-bid projects, DAGS was looking to increase the performance of their outsourced projects without spending more money. The initial pilot program was setup to test the PIPS process on roofing and painting projects. Soon the research expanded to mechanical, electrical, and renovation projects, and grew into a four-year program that generated a great amount of success for the State. In 2000, the University of Hawaii began implementing PIPS on a similar set of projects, yielding similarly high results. The research conducted at the University and the State was the longest running PIPS program at its time.

Testimonial: “Best Value promotes a partnering “win-win” scenario between the owner and the contractor… It reduces procurement time; it reduces risk to the owner, and it allows contractors to perform to the best of their abilities… The biggest difference with Best Value is that I could pretty much predict the final results of the projects. I was very confident that I would have a good product.” – Charles Serikawa, Assistant Director of Facilities Management, University of Hawaii (Retired)


Projects procured and run using Best Value
Total size of projects

Percent of projects that were completed on time

Percent of projects that were completed within budget

Contractor change order rate

Average post project close out rating of vendor (1-10)
Average post project close out rating of Best Value (1-10)

REFERENCE:  Charles Serikawa, Assistant Director of Facilities Management(Retired) |