Arizona State University

In 2006, Arizona State University utilized the PIPS process on an $800 Million procurement for campus wide food service. This not only was the largest project procured using the PIPS process, but was one of the largest food service contracts in University history. Based on the success of the implementation, the University continued the use of the program on other non-construction areas, including: Recreational equipment services, Sports marketing services, and IT services. In 2008, ASU implemented the PIPS process on their first design and construction project.

Testimonial:The Best Value method literally took us through the process [of procuring the dining service contract] much more rapidly than we ever have done in the past. We’re talking weeks to do things that took months, and a couple months to do things that sometimes would’ve taken up to a year… I’m very grateful for the work that we’re doing with Dr. Kashiwagi and the PBSRG.” – Ray Jensen, Associate Vice President of Business Services

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$1.64 B
$2.75 M
Projects procured and run using Best Value
Total value of projects
Overall customer satisfaction with Best Value
Reduction in Client Management Requirements on Dining Services contract
Annual Savings on IT Networking Project
REFERENCE: Ray Jensen, Associate VP of Business Services | | 480-965-5282