Introduction to the online Course


Led by the founder of the Best Value Approach, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, this online training provides the most complete education for any new or experienced Best Value practitioners. Learn the Best Value philosophy and process, accompanied with real life problems, case studies, and solutions.

Part 1: Information Measurement Theory (IMT) – Methodology

IMT is a methodology that uses simple logic in order to understand complex situations and problems. This logic will help you to understand your organization, your employees , and yourself. This will enable you to save money, reduce stress, minimize risk and maximize profit for your organization. The core concepts that are taught in the conference are:

The Understanding of Natural Laws to predict the future

How to simplify complex situations

How to identify and understand yourself and others

How to resolve conflict at home and at work

How to minimize risk through transparency

The new leadership model of “No Influence”

Part 2: Best Value Approach – Industry Application

For over 20 years the Best Value Business Model has been tested and refined. It has now been utilized over 1,750 times to improve the performance of projects and entire organizations. We will show you how to use this leadership-based model to decrease risk, stress, cost andmanagement requirements, and to literally transform your business. The core concepts that will be taught are:

Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS)

Performance Information Risk Management System (PIRMS)

Utilization of Expertise

The language of Performance Metrics

Risk Management through Transparency

Documented Case Studies