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Dr. Dean T. Kashiwagi will be our guest speaker at this May 15, 2018 dinner meeting event which will follow the afternoon educational training session.  He is the Director of Kashiwagi Solution Model, Inc. and a world renowned researcher in understanding best value.  Dr. Kashwagi will be presenting a  “The Power of Performance Metrics “.


Here is some additional information on his presentation
The entire supply chain is often seen as complex. To combat the confusion, learn how to use dominant performance metrics within an organization and on a project. Metrics create transparency, accountability, and everyone understands it. Metrics are numbers that are observable and cannot be confused. Experts use the language of metrics when communicating, to minimize the risk of confusion and miscommunication and assist all technical and non-technical stakeholders to understand what is going on, and what is relevant to them. In this session, deep dive into identifying what are metrics, how you know which metrics are the right ones to use, and see practical examples from multiple small and large industry case studies to complete your thorough understanding of how to apply it in your own organization or projects.


Learning Objectives:
– Define what are metrics.
– Understand how to identify good metrics that create transparency.
– The credibility of metrics is crucial to ensure buy-in at all levels of the organization.
– Metrics also shows the areas that need to improve.
– Keeping your operation budget on track.
– Measure internal client satisfaction using metrics.


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$15.00 Earlybird rate before April 19


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Texas Star Conference Centre, 1400 Texas Star Parkway , TX 76040 Euless, United States

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