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The facilities manager of the future is a leader who identifies and utilizes expertise to cut cost and increase performance. The facilities manager of the future is a Best Value Expert. The best value approach (BVA) has been researched and developed over the last 25 years to deliver construction and other services. The BVA is built upon a foundation of logic and simplicity. The BVA includes the following practices and results:


1. Identification and utilization of expertise.

2. A structure that encourages vendors to do preplanning, track project cost and time deviation, risk management and quality control.

3. Risk is mitigated and not transferred.

3. Owner decision making and owners’ need to control risk is minimized by transparency created by the expert vendor.

4. Average vendor created risk is less than 1%.

5. Transparency creates cost control and increases quality and value.

6. Minimize costs by 10-30%.


The BVA has assisted organizations to optimize their delivery of services. The results have shown an increase in efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. The presentation will also include how the organization’s FM can implement the BVA to be successful over time.


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