CIB World Building Congress

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CIB World Building Congress 2019 “Constructing Smart Cities”

Invitation to W117 Session: June 20, 2:30pm

Dr. Dean and five other BVA visionaries will be attending and presenting the latest BVA results in Hong Kong at the annual CIB worldwide conference. The presentations will include:

1. Latest case study results.

2. The transformation from Best Value Procurement (BVP) to the Best Value Approach (BVA).

3. The application of BVA on long-term services and maintenance projects.

4. New research efforts into the Project Management of the Future Model being developed at SKEMA Project Management School of Business.

5. A New Risk Management Model.

6. The latest revision of 2019 publications regarding Information Measurement Theory and Best Value Approach training manuals.

7. A New Research Model on how to apply grounded theory to build a faster research model that is integrated into industry practice.

8. An answer to resolving complexity of project management through simplification and automation.

Dr. Dean is attempting to find more academic researchers who want to partner with the W117 BVA research development. Please find him at the conference.


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