2019 Pre-Conference Training

About this event

Dr. Dean and Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi will be holding a small training to introduce the 2019 International BVA Conference topics.


Capacity: Minimum of 6 attendees, priority will be given to A and A+ individuals.


Training Fee: $200 per person.


Agenda/Topics to be covered:


1. How the best value approach (BVA) Links Purchasing, Project Management through the Information Workers.

2. BVA is the Automation of the Supply Chain [reduction of cost by 10 to 30%].

3. How vendors can ensure profit and maximize their competitive value [efficiency and effectiveness].

4. Vendors increase profit by using information [Profit is no longer generated by commodities].

5. Information Workers increase the production of technical experts.

6. True BV workers are information workers who do not need to MDC.

7.Aligning the right expertise in the process decreases the need of “super experts”.

8. The cost of decision making is now being tracked as a component of the BVA.

9. Simplifying, reduction of information and using IMT is being used in the education area with unbelievable results.

10. Identification and source of BVA errors and the cost of decision making is now being utilized.


All concepts will be supported by 2018 case study results.   Individuals seeking their A certification will preplan and coordinate their papers with Dr. Dean’s team and bring their draft papers to the meeting and receive guidance from Dr. Dean and Dr. Jacob [1500 – 1700].  Papers will be published in the 2019 conference, and BVA experts can receive their A and A+ certification at the 2019 International BVA Conference in Tempe.


Please contact Isaac Kashiwagi at Isaackashiwagi@ksm-inc.com to register.


Sloterdijk Holiday Inn Express, Zaventemweg 3, 1043 EH, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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