Arizona State University

General Overview

ASU's Memorial Union Building

Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the largest University’s in the United States. ASU serves more than 64,000 students, and employs over 12,000 faculty and staff.

In 2006, ASU undertook the most daring use of the PIPS process: an $800 Million procurement for campus wide food service. This not only was the largest project procured using the PIPS process, but was one of the largest food service contracts in University history. Based on the success of the implementation, the University continued the use of the program on other non-construction areas, including: Recreational equipment services, Sports marketing services, and IT services. In 2008, ASU implemented the PIPS process on their first design and construction project.

Program Summary and Significant Achievements
(Last Updated 7/12/2012)

# Criteria Results
Number of years using/testing PIPS 5 Years
Total number of project procured using PIPS 13
Total size of projects $1.64 Billion
Overall customer satisfaction with PIPS program 100%
Reduction In Client Management Requirements on Dining Service Project 80%

Pilot Projects

# Projects Type Date Size Status
Bookstore Service 9/2010 Awarded
Service Desk Service 3/2010 $2.2 M/3yr In Procurement
Online Course Delivery Services Service 2/2010 Awarded
Tri-University Furniture Service 11/2008 Awarded
Packard Drive Parking Structure - Construction CMAR 7/2008 $38 M Awarded
Packard Drive Parking Structure - Design Design 6/2008 $2.97 M Awarded
IT Networking Service 6/2008 $77.5 M Awarded
ICA Multimedia Services Service 10/2007 Awarded
SRC Recreation Equipment Services Service 10/2007 $0.57 M Awarded
Dining Services Service 10/2007 $800 M Awarded

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