ISM Nevada Chapter – Half Day Virtual Training

About this event

ISM-Nevada,  Inc. based in Las Vegas, NV serves over 150 Purchasing and Supply Management professionals throughout the world.  Most of our membership is based in Nevada, however, we have members in many states.


ISM-Nevada is one of 70+ associations affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management, which incorporates members throughout the world.


The local association maintains its autonomy in selecting activities, managing its affairs and tailoring its meetings, seminars, workshops, etc., to meet the specific needs of its own members.  Membership in ISM, however, allows the local chapters access to literature, research materials, audio-visual aids, speakers, etc. from the ISM Global.


Dr. Kashiwagi was invited to do a half-day presentation for the chapter on the latest research in the supply-chain management industry. He will be presenting on the future of the industry and how information and automation will effect the profession.


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