European BVA 3.0 PBSRG Training

About this event

The 2021 Virtual Conference was enjoyed by all attendees. BVA 3.0 makes implementing BVA much simpler for clients and vendors. Requests were made to make the training at a better time, include Q&A sessions for questions asked after the conference, and an opportunity for those who had not attended the annual training.


The virtual training will be on May 18, 2021, 1000 – 1400, Amsterdam time (GMT+1). The training will be accompanied by the BVA 3.0 Sales Book and updated “BVA Book”.


The schedule will be as follows:


1000 – 1100        Information Measurement Theory (IMT) Logic

1100 – 1200       BVA 3.0 Process Changes and Q&A

1200 – 1300       Q&A and Discussion on A and B+ Certifications

1300 – 1400       Impact of BVA 3.0 on practices such as project scope descriptions, low-bidding, risk mitigation, accurate price submittals, and proper use of the WRR on both projects and service deliveries

1400 – 1500       B+ PBSRG Certification Exams


The cost of $250 will include the Sales book and the updated BVA 3.0 Procedure books. Register Now!


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