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Author: Dr. Dean Kashiwagi
Year: 2016
Publisher: KSM Inc.
Format: Paperback, Set of 2
ISBN: # 978-0-9850496-8-3 (IMT)
# 978-0-9850496-9-0 (BVA)

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Dean Kashiwagi and PBSRG have developed a "hands off" approach to managing contractors or vendors in any industry. These concepts are contrary to traditional price-driven procurement and project management. The technology discussed in this book has been tested overĀ 1915 times totalingĀ $6.4 Billion in procured projects with a 9.5 / 10 client rating since 1994. Kashiwagi's teachings are designed to minimize the client's efforts in managing, inspecting, and settling conflicts with the designer, contractor, and professional service provider. The book also focuses on risk and accurate performance measurements of the designer, contractor, and professional service provider throughout the entire project from start to completion.

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