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Streamlining Efficiency of Utility Delivery


Best Value Impact:
  • 0% contractor-generated change orders
  • 9.7 / 10.0 overall contractor satisfaction rating
Type: Construction
Contractor: Doublejack, Inc.

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Start Date: June 2013
Completion Date: January 2014

Bulk Civil Cable Replacement Project

srpIn May 2013, Salt River Project (SRP) successfully applied the Best Value process to select a contractor to perform electrical utility line installations and upgrades throughout the Phoenix Metro Area.  This project would provide needed electrical line replacement and ensure continuous uninterrupted power service to customers.  The work consisted of three smaller jobs that required boring, trenching, and rough set of various electrical support equipment.

Five SRP pre-qualified contractors submitted proposals on the project. The best-valued contractor selected was:

  • 2% under budget
  • 13% below the average cost proposals
  • Had a high-rated Proposal
  • Had the highest Interview Rating

SRP awarded the project to the best-valued contractor in June 2013.  The project had 0% contractor-generated cost increases and schedule delays.  Upon completion of the project, SRP personnel rated the overall satisfaction with the vendor a 9.7 (out of 10) and satisfaction with the best-value Process a 10.0 (out of 10).

The best-valued contractor reported spending less time in administrative and management effort (compared to traditional processes).  Overall, Best Value Process allowed the contractor to utilize their expertise and be more efficient in their overall delivery of the project (saving time and effort).

“We found the Best Value Process helpful in the way we managed this project as well how we will manage future projects. The communications aspect was definitely better than on past projects. Everyone was kept informed on all issues… We found the WRR useful as a tool to schedule ongoing projects as well as future projects.  As the contractor, we are pleased with the Best Value Process.” - Dave Anderson, Project Manager, Doublejack, Inc.

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Optimization of the Design Process


Best Value Impact:

  • Quicker response time for client and designer interactions
  • Improved interactive agreement for design direction
  • Real time risk tracking during design development


Type: Design

Architect: Stantec

Location: Edmonton, Canada


Contract: $3,550,000


Start Date: March 2012

Completion Date: February 2013

Design for Redevelopment of an Iconic Building on Campus

The Best Value Procurement Model was used to select a design team for redevelopment of a 330k SF historical building. A Phased Selection process was used to assemble design team in 3 components to achieve the most advantageous team:

  • Architectural, Structural, Envelop
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical

The Owner and Vendor have seen Best Value optimize the design process in many ways:

  • Increased efficiency has been achieved via a faster response time for interactions between Client and Vendor.
  • Risk-focused performance measurement has aided the team in identifying key risks, collaboratively establishing mitigation strategies, and transparently tracking progress throughout design development.
  • Design Reports have been on time, met requirements, and had high Client satisfaction.
REFERENCE: Hugh Warren, Executive Director of Operations & Maintenance | | 780-492-6405

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Risk Management Used in Commodity Contracts

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Cost Savings: 15%
Contractor Change Orders: 0%

Schedule Delays: reduced to 5%

Satisfaction: 40% increase

Total # of projects: 1,115


Type: Furnishing services

Manufacturers: Knoll, Herman Miller, Steelcase

Location: Statewide in Arizona


Contract: $7,700,000 / annually


Start Date: July 2009

Finish Date: July 2012

Tri-University Furniture Consortium

The Tri-University Furniture Consortium of ASU, U of A, and NAU was experiencing unsatisfactory performance from their furniture providers. The consortium turned to our group to apply the Best Value Model for dealer selection, contract development, and contract management support for risk and performance measurement.

The results have been impressive. The Best Value approach challenged the traditional process of commodities contract procurement by evaluating the suppliers on their ability to identify and minimize risk. Dealers now monitor their project delivery performance on a weekly basis, in terms of cost and schedule deviations. The contract has saved the Universities approximately $2.9M, with 0% cost increases, and an overall 5% schedule delay over the past three years.

REFERENCE: John Riley, Executive Director of Purchasing at Arizona State University | | 480-965-6532

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Best Value Reduces Effort and Increases Savings


Project: Wastewater Treatment / Buildings

Type: Design Build

Owner: Arizona State Parks

Design Builder: Fann Environmental

Designer: Environmental Engineering Consultants


Contract: $1.7 Million


Start Date: June 2008

Completion Date:  February 2010


Team Members:             

Jeff Sawyer, DB Project Manager

Robert Upton, PE, Const. PM

Carrie Cote’, PE, Project Engineer

Design Build–Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The project included the design and construction of a 0.015MGD MBR Wastewater Treatment Facility, a maintenance building, a new restroom, and remodel of the existing restroom. This sustainable system was designed and constructed for zero net water loss.

Using the Best Value system’s Pre-Award Phase and the Weekly Risk Report, the owner reduced its oversight efforts, eliminated contractor generated change orders, and increased their satisfaction as compared to conventionally managed projects. During the 2 plus years of design and construction there were less than 4 official project meetings and only met with the DB on site every 5-6 weeks during construction. The Design Builder (DB) was able to provide additional quality items, including project landscaping, to a project based on savings by using the BV procurement system.

Paul Govino, Chief of Development | | 602- 542-6944
Jeff T. Sawyer, DB Project Manager | | 928-713-0501

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