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Optimization of Construction Delivery


Type: Construction
Contractor: Mettler-Toledo, LLC

Location: Ashton, ID


Budget: $420,000


Start Date: September 2012
Completion Date: December 2012

Weigh In Motion Sensor System Project


Project Site (Pre-Construction)

In July 2012, the Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) successfully applied the Best Value process to select a contractor to construct a Weigh In Motion (WIM) system. This project would provide ITD with the ability to capture video images and weigh vehicles while they are traveling along the highway. This information would enable traffic to be screened for static weighing and to transmit and store data for immediate retrieval by both ITD and the Montana DOT.

Two vendors submitted proposals on the project, and both were within the $420,000 budget. The best-valued contractor that was selected was approximately $26K higher in price, but had:

  • 114% higher-rated Risk Assessment Plan
  • 82% higher-rated Value Assessment Plan
  • 2% higher-scored Past Performance Information (on the firm, project manager, and supplier)
  • 150% higher-rated Interview

ITD awarded the project to the best-valued contractor in September 2012. ITD’s goal was to have the system up and running prior to the harsh winter weather in north-eastern Idaho. Despite having to stop work for 2 days due to unsafe working conditions on the highway, the contractor was still able to complete the project in December 2012, 3-days ahead of schedule. There were no contractor initiated change orders. Upon completion of the project, ITD personnel rated the overall satisfaction with the vendor a 10 (out of 10), and rated the Best Value process a 10 (out of 10).

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Best Value Paradigms


Cost Savings: 20%
Schedule Delays: 0%
Contractor Change Orders: 0%
Satisfaction: 10 out of 10 vendor risk rating by Client PM 

Type: Software Design & Integration

Vendor: Agate

Location: State of Idaho


Contract: $979,500


Start Date: November 2010

Finish Date: June 2012

Mobility Management & Administration Software System

The owner used ASU to apply Best Value to deliver a software system to improve the ability of ITD to effectively plan, implement, administer, and evaluate programs and grants to improve public transit, community transportation, ADA Paratransit, bicycling, and pedestrian programs across Idaho. This includes administration of Federal grant programs (e.g. Federal Transit Administration) and state programs.

During the Pre-planning and clarification phase of the best value process, the software vendor identified (1) what critical information they didn’t have, (2) when they would be able to acquire the information throughout the life of the project and (3) what they would do to gather necessary data along with a plan to address the risk of not being able to the required data. The vendor clearly explained their plan in conjunction with their milestone schedule. Additionally, because of the contractor’s high level of efficiency in terms of design, scheduling, and implementation, the owner was able to afford approximately 10% more in additional scope (reporting database and functionality).

REFERENCE:  Kathy Chase, Manager, Business Services | | 208-334-8752

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Best Value Optimizes Delivery of Health Insurance Services


Total number of colleges involved: 4
Increase in financial performance: 27%
Increase in client satisfaction: 18%
Reduction in client effort: 22%
Reduction in vendor effort: 9%

Premium rates decreased while coverage increased


Type: Health Care


Contract: $36 M


Renaissance Insurance Agency


Start Date: August 2010
Completion Date: August 2013

Student Health Insurance Consortium (SHIP)

health-careIn 2009, the State of Idaho partnered with the PBSRG to test the Best Value process on the provision of a student health insurance consortium (SHIP) between Boise State University, Idaho State University, and Lewis-Clark State College. In 2010, Eastern Idaho Technical College joined the consortium. The performance of the SHIP program is being measured in terms of student satisfaction, university satisfaction, and program financials, and there have been significant improvements in each criterion since 2009 when the new program began.

Testimonial: "Best Value is simplistic, systematic, and it holds everybody accountable. And it shifts risk to the right place…the vendor." - Mark Little, State Purchasing Manager, State of Idaho

REFERENCE: Mark Little, State Purchasing Manager | | 208-332-1611

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Best Value Reduces Effort and Increases Savings


Project: Wastewater Treatment / Buildings

Type: Design Build

Owner: Arizona State Parks

Design Builder: Fann Environmental

Designer: Environmental Engineering Consultants


Contract: $1.7 Million


Start Date: June 2008

Completion Date:  February 2010


Team Members:             

Jeff Sawyer, DB Project Manager

Robert Upton, PE, Const. PM

Carrie Cote’, PE, Project Engineer

Design Build–Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The project included the design and construction of a 0.015MGD MBR Wastewater Treatment Facility, a maintenance building, a new restroom, and remodel of the existing restroom. This sustainable system was designed and constructed for zero net water loss.

Using the Best Value system’s Pre-Award Phase and the Weekly Risk Report, the owner reduced its oversight efforts, eliminated contractor generated change orders, and increased their satisfaction as compared to conventionally managed projects. During the 2 plus years of design and construction there were less than 4 official project meetings and only met with the DB on site every 5-6 weeks during construction. The Design Builder (DB) was able to provide additional quality items, including project landscaping, to a project based on savings by using the BV procurement system.

Paul Govino, Chief of Development | | 602- 542-6944
Jeff T. Sawyer, DB Project Manager | | 928-713-0501

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