Project Case Studies

Best Value Optimizes Delivery of Health Insurance Services


Total number of colleges involved: 4
Increase in financial performance: 27%
Increase in client satisfaction: 18%
Reduction in client effort: 22%
Reduction in vendor effort: 9%

Premium rates decreased while coverage increased


Type: Health Care


Contract: $36 M


Renaissance Insurance Agency


Start Date: August 2010
Completion Date: August 2013

Student Health Insurance Consortium (SHIP)

health-careIn 2009, the State of Idaho partnered with the PBSRG to test the Best Value process on the provision of a student health insurance consortium (SHIP) between Boise State University, Idaho State University, and Lewis-Clark State College. In 2010, Eastern Idaho Technical College joined the consortium. The performance of the SHIP program is being measured in terms of student satisfaction, university satisfaction, and program financials, and there have been significant improvements in each criterion since 2009 when the new program began.

Testimonial: "Best Value is simplistic, systematic, and it holds everybody accountable. And it shifts risk to the right placeā€¦the vendor." - Mark Little, State Purchasing Manager, State of Idaho

REFERENCE: Mark Little, State Purchasing Manager | | 208-332-1611

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