Best Value Model Training & Certification

We offer training sessions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. If you are interested in receiving in-person training on our Best Value Model, please contact us.
While you do not have to become certified to use our Best Value Model, it is a way to prove your understanding and competency of the model. It can bring credibility to both vendors or contractors proposing on a Best Value project, as well as to clients requesting Best Value proposals.
Level Eligibility
Has passed the “train the trainer” BV Conference Final Exam, and has obtained all other BV certificates (A, B+, B,B-)
Has passed an audit within the past year on documentation
Has passed the Information Measurement Theory (IMT) Exam (Valid for 2 Years)
Has passed the Best Value Model (PIPS) Exam (Valid for 2 Years)
Attended any Best Value training given by certified instructors [hold the A+ Rating]
Minnesota Certification Class Material
For material specific to Best Value certification classes in Minnesota, visit the Minnesota Certification Class webpage. Access to this page is password-protected and intended for the certification class attendees only. If you have questions related to these classes, please contact or Sylvia Romero.
Please visit our
Minnesota Certification Class Page
for more information
Best Value Certification in the Netherlands
Certification requirements in the Netherlands may differ slightly from those listed above. Please see our Best Value in the Netherlands page.
Please visit our
Best Value in the Netherlands Website
for more information


FMP Online Certification Prep

Facility Management Professional CredentialWe've developed the only 100% online Facility Management Professional (FMP) Prep Course, designed to fit in the working professional’s schedule. Access to the course is available on demand (24/7). The course and materials are provided by IFMA FMP Certified Instructors/Professionals. Straightforward videos are balanced with practical examples that prepare you to take your FMP Final Assessment to earn you FMP Credential.

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