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MAY 2014

Value Based Project Delivery: What's Happening in Canada

Top 5 Reasons to Use Best Value in I.T.

1. IT is constantly changing.

The information technology industry is one of the most rapidly changing fields.  What is current in today’s market, could be obsolete in 18 months or less.  Best value helps vet technology through the use of past performance and simple explanations of risk.

2. Specifying software or hardware systems is cumbersome.

An accurate, detailed description of what a client wants is almost nonexistent.  It is not because the owner doesn’t provide, but rather, it’s because writing these instructions requires a level of expertise beyond what most owner organizations have.  A more efficient approach is to describe, in general, what an owner wants, and let the experts explain how they will meet this need.  And typically, the proposed solution will be far beyond anything an owner could have imagined.

3. Project preplanning increases the chances of success.

So many IT projects begin without a clear description of what will transpire, how much it will cost, who is responsible to do what, and the process to identify and minimize risk.  Best value has an integrated planning phase before any contract is signed.  This planning phase aligns the expectation of all parties through the use of written plan.  The plan increases accountability through the use of performance metrics.

4. Alignment of external data sources and information.

Many IT projects are designed to centralize various data sources and information systems.  One of the greatest challenges the team will face is receiving access to, and the information in, the systems.  The optimal approach is for the expert software vendor to develop a schedule that identifies what is needed, when it is needed, and who needs to provide it.

5. Make the Most Out of Software Demonstrations.

The traditional software demonstration showcases a highly developed, finely tuned software package over a period of several hours.  The challenge, however, is that owners may have difficulty in discerning the various demonstrations, and identifying a system that best meets their needs.  The best value procurement process instead requires proponents to demonstrate live systems, run by actual clients.  Each proponent is provided with a script ahead of time, and the demos are limited to one hour.

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