Wattle and Daub

Wattle & Daub Historic Restoration

2013 Performance Line

# Criteria Overall Rating
1 Ability to manage the project cost 9.7 / 10
2 Ability to maintain project schedule (complete on-time or early) 9.7 / 10
3 Quality of workmanship 9.9 / 10
4 Professionalism and ability to manage 9.8 / 10
5 Close out process 9.8 / 10
6 Communication, explanation of risk, and documentation 9.8 / 10
7 Ability to follow the users rules, regulations, and requirements 9.9 / 10
8 Overall customer satisfaction 9.8 / 10
9 Number of customer responses 33 / 33

Comparison Performance Line

# Criteria 2013 Rating 2008 Rating
 1  Overall Customer Satisfaction  9.83 / 10  9.78 / 10


Wattle & Daub Contractors was founded by Thomas Tisthammer in 1978. Its primary business was centered on commercial, industrial & institutional roofing until 1998 when a general contracting division was organized to provide additional services to existing clientele. In 1988, because of the vigorous competition in the roofing marketplace, Wattle & Daub asked Dr. Dean Kashiwagi of Arizona State University’s Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) to do its first evaluation of Wattle & Daub’s job performance. General manager and stockholder Byron McGough came aboard in 1999 and has directed the operations and growth of the GC unit by concentrating on historic preservation work. The performance survey of the historic preservation operations was done in 2008 and 2013. The results of surveys generated by PBSRG of both business units have been used as a feedback device to improve the company's business practices. You can also view this contractor's Alpha Performance Line.

Logan County Courthouse, Sterling, CO

Logan County Courthouse, Sterling, CO

1st Presbyterian Church, Sterling, CO

1st Presbyterian Church, Sterling, CO

Jackson County Courthouse | Walden, CO

Wyoming State Capitol Building | Cheyenne, WY


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