Global Engineering & Construction LLC

Global Engineering & Construction LLC is being measured in the following components of our Best Value Model. This webpage serves as documentation of these measurements:

  • Risk Management Plan (identify risks that contractor doesn’t control, any client concerns, detailed schedule, financial summary)
  • Weekly Reporting Accuracy  (tracking of the projects on differentials such as price and time)
  • Past Performance Ratings (stayed within budget and met schedules on past projects)
  • Ability to pass an annual Best Value exam
  • Ability to maintain a rating above 90% on the Client and Sub-contractor Satisfaction Survey

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2009 Performance Measurements

# Measurement Performance
Accuracy on Weekly Risk Reports 100%
Projects with Risk Management Plans 100%
Customer Satisfaction Overall Ratings 9.5
On Time Projects (Due to Contractor only) 97%
Projects within Budget (Due to Contractor only) 100%
Project Managers Educated and trained yearly 100%
Sub-Contractor Performance Lines 100%
Sub-Contractor’s Customer Satisfaction Overall Ratings 9.4

Closed Out Performance Line

# Criteria All Projects
Ability to manage the project cost 9.59
Ability to maintain project schedule 9.26
Quality of workmanship 9.56
Professionalism and ability to manage 9.50
Close out process 9.44
Communication, explanation of risk, and documentation 9.50
Ability to follow the users rules, regulations and requirements 9.51
Overall customer satisfaction 9.50
Total number of different jobs 56
Total number of different customers 27

Overall Average: 9.5
Overall Minimum: 9.3
Overall Maximum: 9.6

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