Simon Fraser University


Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Campus

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Campus

SFU is a public comprehensive university located in British Columbia, Canada.  Established in 1965, SFU has been ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities for nearly 20 years. University enrollment exceeds 30,000 students, spread over 3 campuses: Burnaby Mountain, Harbour Centre Vancouver, and Surrey Central.

In 2013, SFU’s began their partnership with PBSRG to implement the Best Value Business Model on complex projects at the University. The partnership with PBSRG is in alignment with the schools vision of becoming Canada’s leading engaged university, where innovative education, cutting-edge research and community outreach intersect. For more information about SFU, please visit our website at

Pilot Projects

# Project Type Date Added Size Status
1 eForm and Workflow Automation Solution Service 10/2013  $667,000 Awarded
2 Student Union Building Engineering Services Construction 1/2014 In Procurement
3 Student Housing Master Planning Service 2/2014 In Procurement


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