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Project Overview

The Polk County Utilities Division (PCUD) is upgrading the finished water pumping and chemical systems at Van Fleet Water Production Facility. The work of this Project involves replacing the current indoor high service pumps with a larger capacity outdoor facility. The work includes construction of a High Service Pump Station, Electrical Building, Chemical Storage Facility, and associated demolition and other plant modifications.

Additionally, the Van Fleet WPF is the primary source of drinking water for Polk County residents in the North East Regional Utility Service Area (NERUSA).  Providing a continuous and non-interrupted potable water supply to the residents in the NERUSA is of paramount importance.  Contractor will coordinate with PCUD for day to day operations and planned shutdowns.


NO End Date Task
1 9/21/2012 Project Anouncement
2 10/03/2012 Mandatory Pre-Submittal Meeting & Site Visit
3 10/12/2012 Deadline for Questions
4 10/24/2012 Submittals due prior to 2:00PM
5 10/29/2012 Best Value Submittal package to Evaluation Committe
6 11/09/2012 Blind Evaluation Ccomplete
7 11/12/2012 Notification of Shortlisted Contractors
8 11/19/2012 Interview of Shortlisted Contractors
9 11/30/2012 Identification of potential Best Value Contractor
10 12/04/2012 Kick-Off Meeting
11 1/04/2013 Pre-Award Meeting
12 1/15/2013 Anticipated date of Execution of Contract

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