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SWRUSA Pressure Reducing Stations Modifications

Project Overview

SWRUSA Pressure Reducing Valves

The Purpose of this solicitation is to obtain qualified contractors in the construction of new pressure reducing stations within the Southwest Regional Utility Service Area. The general contractor, and their sub-contractors, must collectively have expert knowledge of these systems.

Provide all work necessary to construct the SWRUSA Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) Stations Modifications. The work consists of one (1) and/or up to five (5) new above-ground pressure reducing valve stations including flow meters, valves, piping, fittings, fencing, landscaping, and site restoration. The County will reserve the right to award one (1), two (2), or any combination thereof and/or up to five (5) PRVs. This project shall be constructed in accordance to the enclosed bid documents dated August 2010.

Estimated Budget

The total estimated budget for the SWRUSA Pressure Reducing Station Modifications is $613,000.00.


NO End Date Task
1 10/12/2010 Project Announcement
2 10/27/2010 Mandatory Pre Submittal Conference, 9:00AM
(*see Section 1.4 for details)
3 11/8/2010 Deadline for Questions [1:00PM] Eastern Time Zone
4 11/17/2010 Best Value Submittals due prior to [2:00 PM] Eastern Time Zone
5 12/9/2010 Notification of Shortlisted Finalist (If Applicable)
6 12/14/2010 Interview of Shortlisted Finalist (If Applicable)
7 12/20/2010 Identification of Potential Best Value
8 1/4/2010 Kick Off Meeting
9 2/4/2011 Pre-Award Meeting
10 3/9/2011 Anticipated Date of Award / Notice to Proceed

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